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Vega (Player Two, Black) (Street Fighter (ReSaurus)) Review
Vega (Player Two, Black)
Street Fighter (ReSaurus) (ReSaurus)The very reason I started collecting Street Fighter action figures,
this Resaurus Vega is one of the nicest looking Vega action figures ever made!!
(was there much to compare it to?)

<><>Le Good<><>
The packaging has good display value,
figure comes with some nice looking accesories like his trademark Mask and removable claws

<><>Le Bad<><>
Very dependent to its stand, can't pose much with its limited articulation
his mask isn't a very durable accesory


I got very excited when I first saw this Vega action figure made by Resaurus.

Resaurus made some of the best (or atleast decent) looking Street Fighter
action figures.. and I was very grateful of them to have Vega on their first series

Resaurus did a really great job with the packaging of Street Fighter series
it's colourful and it gets you hooked to collect them all !!
(back in 1999 it was easy to do so) you'd be happy enough to have them mint on card
but let's get more in to the details of ze action figure itself

Vega at first glance really looks cool and true to his Video game/comicbook/anime' appearance.. although if you're a fanatic of him and you take a closer look
at the figure, you'd see something to complain about
he's kinda.. okay.. *really* hard to stand up on its own, so you'd immidiately notice
he has small feet and very thin legs that would've been accurate for his character if his torso and arms wasn't too thick and muscular!!
he's designed to pose in a walking forward position so that should make things tougher

He looks really awesome with his mask, but unfortunately he doesn't look so without it..
his facial sculpt doesn't capture his murderous, narcissistic, Spanish persona..
he looked more like an anxious chinese to me.. or a barbie wanna be
..or something like that.. what in the name of orthodoxy are they thinking?
I like how they did his braided hair tho.. it's as long as it should be yet doesn't get in to the way of his neck articulation

The Paint job,
I prefer this Black pants/Grey snake variant over the original colour variation
the shoe colour of the black pants variant is more accurate to the videogame
and in my opinion the snake tattoo is best coloured grey than blue.. although it's not very true to his somewhat "feminine" character..
there's really nothing to complain about the paint applicationz aside from the bracelet
and his claws could've looked better if it's coloured gold
(just like what it looks like in the back packaging)

Don't expect much of its articulation.. it's more of a "display" figure than a toy
it could hardly pose anything dynamic.. you can't make him pose any of Vega's fighting stance..

But all in all it's a very good addition to your street fighter collectionz considering how hard to find this action figure thesedays.. it is something you can really brag to your friends (and enemies)

-Reviewed by: Demitrios Rausus

      3 stars by Riverius242

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Sarresh -
Thursday, February 5, 2009
That''s pretty sweet, man.
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