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Green Goblin (Marvel Legends (Toy Biz)) Review
Green Goblin
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) (Toy Biz)Why is Green Goblin considered one of the greatest villains of all time? Well, he wears green and purple (like the Joker), laughs insanely all the time (like Joker), and flys around on a rocket (...like Joker's imaginary rocket, yeah!).

Norman stands a hair under 6 inches, which is just fine with me, it only adds to the impish image. This is one fine figure, there is detailing to enhance the overall appearance, even the long cap has realistic seams! I kinda sorta have a problem with the figure not being painted, at least it looks and fells like the body parts are cast in their respective colors. Most of the figure has a dull matte-finish though to help off-set the feeling of "plasticy-ness". The face looks like it's the real face instead of a mask, but the way the eyes are help bring it back into an artificial-vibe. This is a very nicely-sculpted toy, the scale-armor is uniform, and Toy Biz even went as far and sculpting that scale-detail in the elbow and knee-joints too! Truly awesome work. I only have minor complaints with this fig. The shiny metallic pumpkin-bomb is glued in the left hand. It could have been left unglued and it would work just fine because the palm has a peg that plugs snugly into a little hole in the bomb. Also, the figure looks a little bland because it isn't shaded at all, it has all solid colors. There's a simple belt-band at the waist, but it isn't painted. I doesn't stand-out too much though, if you pretend it's not there, hah. Another thing, that bag he's carry at his side looks like a purse! It doesn't look like a manly satchel, no! It's a purse! Lame! And the strap is too thick to look natural, but you can slip the bag off.

All joints are tight and the important ones are click-joints. The knees a little weak because they're scrawny but the figure manages to stand pretty well on its own. The tips of the boots are rubbery so they can loop into the Glider's foot-loops. The fingers are also very rubbery...just because! All expected Marvel Legends articulation is present, the ankles just don't rock side-to-side.

This is the perfect Green Goblin to have, it translates well as either a comic-version or animated-series-version.

      4.5 stars by Henchmen4Hire

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