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The man known as Who is a man shrouded in mystery. A Doctor who knows more then he lets on and just enough to leave us in the picture, he seems almost omnipotent. In truth, he is a time traveler. A being who travels the reaches of time trying to avert disastrous events and keeping those in need safe, he strives to protect and serve. Never daunted, he is always ready to face the next challenge head-on!

Initially, the Character Options range came on an orange unmarked blister card. These are generally referred to as "Series X" figures and command a much higher price on the second hand market. Soon after these were issued, CO revised their packing to feature a coloured flash with a series number on, designating the season of Doctor Who the figure appeared in. Quite a few of the initial figures were also re-released through Woolworth's stores in the UK with an extra and unique accessory. At around this time, the standard orange card with plastic blister was changed to a clamshell design. Some figures were released in both packing variations. After the transition to Matt Smith playing The Doctor, the cards reverted to a card and blister format and changed to a much smaller, dark blue design.

Doctor Who Universe Doctor Who 12" Scale
12" Scale
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