Looking for Lightning Collection MMPR Red Ranger
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Looking for Lightning Collection MMPR Red Ranger

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I know the next wave of Lightning rangers hasn't hit stores yet but I've seen people reviewing the figure online, and some of them have ordered the entire boxset and had it delivered. Each box has three Red Rangers.

Does anyone have an extra MMPR Red Ranger they'd be willing to sell or trade for?

Posted by MercMouth Customs
on Wednesday, November 6, 2019
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Henchmen4Hire -
Wednesday, November 6, 2019
I had forgotten about these figs after getting Zedd and the white ranger, glad they're still coming out. I looked up the pink ranger and it looks tiny though...have to find comparison pics.
MercMouth Customs -
Saturday, November 9, 2019
You should grab a Goldar from Gamestop as well, the sculpt on him is beautiful, though he'll need a repaint to get that golden look. I also recommend Magna Defender as well. I was also able to score a Green Ranger/Putty Patroller two-pack (I mostly wanted the putty, not a big green ranger fan. Looking forward to getting the Red Ranger in December. I don't want to pay an extra 15 bucks to get it scalped.

I agree on the Pink Ranger, I was very disappointed with her sculpt. Arms are a are a little too thin, boots are a little too wide where they meet her legs, the chest diamond is too thin, though I've been told that's because they based her on the American suit which boggles my mind since that's the inferior look. The skirt rides far too high on the body, though it is very flexible so maybe we can glue it down. I'll probably end up modding her once I get one to fix the problems.

It was a real bummer since this is going to be the female buck the other ranger girls are going to use, especially considering the great sculpt work on the guys so far. Zedd is by far my favorite sculpt. I want to score a few more for customs.
Henchmen4Hire -
Saturday, November 9, 2019
Awwww, yeah waited a long time just to be disappointed and have to make customs of the chicks. :/ Hopefully the Black Widow/Bike set goes on sale, since that has a full body suit. I wanted the old movie armored versions anyway.

Oh yeah Putties, if they don't go down to $10 like all the unwanted Marvel Legends figs, I'm just going to make my own too lol. More armor, more rock attachments, more brutal.
MercMouth Customs -
Sunday, November 10, 2019
Looking at the pictures of the Pink Ranger I just realized that they didn't bother giving the girls double jointed elbows either, which is yet another blow against Hasbro. It pisses me off since they've made recent figures with double joints that preserve the aesthetics, like Endgame Black Widow and Proxima Midnight. I don't know why they don't update the elbow joints whenever they have to make a new sculpt.

If you're going to mod Kimberly you might check out the ML Boom Boom. She has a mostly pink body that you might be able to marry with the Lightning Pink.
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