Batman and Catwoman Arkham Figures?
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Batman and Catwoman Arkham Figures?

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Hey all. So, I got back into figure collecting round a year ago by a chance encounter with a Predator 2 NECA figure, as well as a Big Red. I thought, "man, if this is how figures are coming along since I was lugging my action figures around in a blue tote as a kid, I need to get back into them!" I had a few Final Fantasy figures, but wasn't serious about it until I saw what NECA had to offer. Anyways, enough NECA swooning... about twenty figures later, I'm thinking Batman!

So, I've done some browsing, and I want to find some Batman figures that match the quality of the rest of my collection, as well as stay close to that 7" scale. The best road to that seems to be the Arkham City/Arkham Asylum figures. The trouble is that every time I browse them on Ebay or Amazon or BBTS or what have you, I always seem to have a gripe; this ones head looks like a wedge -- that ones eyes are too far apart, etc. Do any of you fellows have some from that run? Which Batman would you recommend?

Also, I'm looking for a good Catwoman. I like the body of the DC Direct Arkham City Catwoman, but can't stand the head sculpt. I like the head sculpt from the Legacy two-pack Catwoman, but the body is much less detailed. Has anyone tried a head swap of these two figures?

Thanks in advance.

Posted by AnunC8
on Friday, August 16, 2013
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Purity -
Tuesday, September 3, 2013
Very nice! Yeah, I hear you there. I'd love to do a head swap on the series 4 and later, since I also prefer black as opposed to blue, I'd like to get the Series 1 and swap the series 3 gloves, boots, head, and possibly cowl and cape on the series 1 body because I love the paintjob of the series 1 (it's much brighter and has the rivets painted, which I like more) and the raised bat symbol, though I'd probably resculpt it to look like the City one. But, I collect so many lines and I'd rather expand those collections for now. Yeah, I know right. Play Arts are fantastic fgures (for the most part) but they're very costly. That head swap on Catwoman looks great! I may wind up doing that some day as well!
AnunC8 -
Tuesday, September 3, 2013
well, never mind. someone got around to it after all. Seems to work okay, though it might make her neck look a bit fat.


AnunC8 -
Tuesday, September 3, 2013
Yep, I ended up going with Series 3 batman. I'm pretty happy with my choice, though I do wish he was more articulated. Still, can't beat the sculpt. I may end up doing that head swap with series 4 after I have a little more cash to play with. Until then, I'm gonna focus on expanding my collection.

Series 1 looked good also, yeah. I considered him for a while, but just couldn't get over all the blue they caked on him. The sculpt looked good though.

I'm hoping someone on here has done that Catwoman head swap. I've read that it has been done, and it works, but I've never seen photos.

That Play Arts Kai Batman is awesome too! I also like the Catwoman, as well as the kai Mass Effect figures. Play Arts Kai stuff is just really pricey, and they only seem to get more expensive with time. Heck, my Final Fantasy X figures were 20-25$ at the time, and now they are 50-80, and those aren't even kai figures. Don't think I'll ever be able to replace my Auron's broken arm at this rate, haha.
Purity -
Saturday, August 24, 2013
My opinion is this: If you want a Batman that looks great, but articulation isn't too big a deal, get the DC Direct Arkham City Series 3 or Arkham Asylum Series 1 one for sure.

Series 1

Series 3

But, if you're more into articulation, get the series 4 one. The head looks a little goofy, but you could head swap with the series 3 one (IMO, best Batman head sculpt ever. It's the best Arkham one as well)
I didn't really want the figure cause he looks too lanky to me until I saw this picture of it

And now I really want one. The Mattel Arkham one is also pretty nice, but one of the best Batman figures I own, period is the Play Arts Kai Arkham Asylum Batman. He's very pricey now, but I was lucky to find one at my local con for $60 (market value) and it is such an amazing figure. Incredible sculpt work, insane articulation, and very nice paintwork. Very nice accessories as well. Such a great figure.


Play Arts Kai

For Catwoman, a head swap should work. I'm pretty sure they're the right size. You may want to find someone on youtube or here if they have both and explain your idea and ask if they look to be a similar size.
barefootabe -
Wednesday, August 21, 2013
no problem glad I could help!
AnunC8 -
Wednesday, August 21, 2013
Well, after much deliberation, I decided to go with the Series 3 Batman. Thought I wanted to articulation, I couldn't pass up the head superior head sculpt of series 3. Thanks for the advice!
AnunC8 -
Sunday, August 18, 2013
That is a nice looking Catwoman. Of course, nothing ever looks as good as the prototype! I'll definitely keep my eye on that one though.

I agree on Harley. I picked up the Mattel version too. I wasn't sure I wanted either because even on the Mattel version her eyes looked a bit empty, but a quick touch-up of them fixed that.

Thanks for the recommendation. I'll definitely consider that Series 3. I'm also keeping my eye on the Arkham Origins Batman. It seems to have the best head sculpt of all of them in my personal opinion: ... 0000022765
barefootabe -
Friday, August 16, 2013
I consider the dc direct arkham figures the center of my collection, with that said they are some figures that didn't turn out as nice as the others.

mattel dc figures are usaully 6 " with the movie masters being smaller and the arkham figures they made being 7" which go perfectlly with dc directs. for example Mattels arkham city harley quinn is much nicer than the one dc direct made,and the catwoman is good too IMO but I prefer the dc direct one. and I they do look great with a head swap.

as for the batman id recomend this one ... ode=retail

dc direct did make a newer one with more articulation but from what I've seen most of the paint apps on the eyes look weird ... ode=retail

also they will be some new figures coming out for the orgins game including deathstroke (who has never look more badass IMO)

EDIT : also check out this catwoman , it looks like itll be in the set first off but itll be relasied by its self soon after im sure ... ode=retail
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