Quick Fix: Apocalypse baf loose knees
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Quick Fix: Apocalypse baf loose knees

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Hi folks!

Has the knees on your Apocalypse baf become loose? Here is a quick fix:

KIDS get your parents permission, due to knife and boiling water usage!

1) Boil up water and dunk Apocalypse in and let him soak for 1-2 minutes.

2) With the use of an x-acto knife cut along the seams of the squares above and below the knees. Just work on the caps on the outside of the leg.

3) At this point mine pretty much fell out. (results may vary)

4) Tighten screws slightly, (don't over tighten or you may strip the screw hole).

5) Pop the caps back in place. I'm not gluing mine simply for future adjustments.

Thanks for looking!

I removed the square plates and found screws! Once I tighten them the knees were tight and clicking!


Posted by brushlessmcpx
on Friday, December 12, 2014
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