Will there be a Jurassic Park 4 Toy Series?
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Will there be a Jurassic Park 4 Toy Series?

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So will there be a Jurassic Park 4 toy series? I've seen some rumors around that Hasbro has dropped the license so they won't be making them. Is this true? Why would they do that? Who else would release the toys?

Posted by Captain Coder
on Wednesday, July 30, 2003
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Tyrannosaur22 -
Wednesday, July 30, 2003
Yes, as of now Hasbro doesn't plan to make any Jurassic Park 4 action figures; their main money-making products are Star Wars. But who knows? They may pick the license up again once they see that JP4 will take in money, or they may just leave the job for another company. But if Hasbro if fact doesn't pick the JP license when the film is coming out, and another company doesn't either, it may mean no JP toys.

I doubt that any toy company would even consider not picking the JP toy license, but you never know. I guess we'll just have to hope for the best...
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