Alpha Chun-Li Tutorial
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Alpha Chun-Li Tutorial

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This is just a quick run down on how to do an Alpha Chun-Li using the SOTA Chun-Li figure as a base. A simple custom great for a beginner. No part swapping and little sculpting is involved. Sticking to a simple look on the sculpt will help any of you all who are beginners to achieve a better looking product. It's as easy or as challenging as you want to make it. I won't cover paints as I am still a newb painter. For metallic paints and other paint techniques you can check the other tutorials found on figure realm or on Jin Saotomes tutorial page.

(1) First you will want to take the figure a part. I started with heat popping the arms off. You will also want to heat up the shoulders to remove the big bulky shoulder puffs. The upper portion is made of a softer rubber material that you can actually just pull out of the base part that looks like an upside down crown. Then you can make an incision on one side to remove it leaving the crown part still glued to the arm.

The crown part is made of a harder material. I recommend using a cutting wheel on your dremel to start the cut. Cut down as far as you can taking care you don't cut into the arm. Once you have the cut started, you can heat it up and cut through it with an exacto or what ever cutting tool you use. I usually stick the blade in and rocker it till it cuts through. This way you don't risk injury.

The skirt part is easy. Just make an incision on one side and it slides right out.

Next you can pop off the hair bun covers on the head. You can heat them up and pull them out without having to cut or dremel.

Now you should have it all taken apart.

The details that won't be used will have to be removed so bust out your grind bit and your dremel or go old school and bust out a file. If you don't think you can pull off the shoe sculpt then leave the laces on the boot below the ankle joint.

After finishing the grinding/filing you will need to prep the figure if you haven't done so already. You are ready to begin the sculpted parts. How Chun-Li will look is now up to your own taste. I used pics from the original alpha 1 game and also the udon crew's Chun-Li which you can find on their deviant art page.

I started with the top first. Basically look at your reference art and see how the top looks. Because mine is based on the game art the top is flat looking and hangs openly. Flatten out your sculpting material and wrap it around the top of the bust to create the illusion of a separate top. It only needs to wrap from the sides around to the back. Only a small strip of sculpty to make the border is needed on the back. Don't worry about it being uneven. After it hardens you can file it down flat and add the little cut in the center if you want. (depends on your reference art) If you want to sculpt in the lines for border on the top, make sure to make your top 2x thinner that way you can add an extra layer later for detailing. What I did with mine is I waited about an hour and half and I was able to press the lines for the border without distorting or tearing the top. You can also carve them in if you want to go that route, you will need the dental pick tools if you have them or a thumb tack.

Posted by Brave_Workshop
on Sunday, April 11, 2010
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Brave_Workshop -
Sunday, April 11, 2010
Don't worry about the sculpt being perfect. Just try to get it everything on there solid. You can go back and file and fine tune the sculpt. My stuff usually looks way sloppy in the WIP stages. You can see I sculpted a line down the middle of the stomach as well as some abs because again that's the way it looks in the game art. I didn't like the stock hair and it also isnt the hair style Alpha Chun-Li has. I made my own single stranded bangs using the green stuff which is flexible.

The hair buns I tried to go game accurate as well, but their are different types of hair buns. Some hair buns are easier to sculpt than others so pick what you think you can pull off sculpting wise that will come out looking good. I treated mine as if it was real hair and sculpted 2 long strands, pressed lines into them and rolled them up. This was extremely difficult and you have to wait till the sculpty is almost hard before you attempt it, so you basically have just one shot to get it right. Find pics of the hair buns for reference and choose what's in your range or follow my example above. For the hair ribbons I used rubber bands but if you can find some real ribbon material to use it will probably work out easier as rubber bands want to unbend from the shape you tie them in. I thought of using gold string but blah, won't look good. If you want to be hardcore you can try sculpting your own with a flexible material if you got some.

You can see the hair buns sculpt well in this pic.

Legs and shoes. Sculpt the calves smooth and blend the cuffs left over from the top of the boot into calves unless you dremeled off the cuff then its all good either way. Try not to have the shins too flat as your shin bone sticks out a bit especially near the bottom of the shin. I usually keep another action figure near by to use for a reference. The shoes are easy to do, unless you want to make them look really detailed. The most important part of the shoe sculpt is probably getting the toe sculpt right. It's a simple shape. You can paint in all the other details if you can't pull off all the lines but at least get the toe part sculpted the best you can cuz this defines the foot as a shoe. You can see I dremeled the toe round and also cut down the height from the boot that was there previously so its shaped more like a shoe. Again don't fret on getting a perfect sculpt. As long as your in the neighborhood you can always go back and file it down and carve the shape you need with your exacto tool or other various hobby knifes.

Always follow the lines of the sculpt. You might find the sculpt is off by a bit but if you try to go outside the shape of the sculpt you will end up with an obviously lopsided sculpted part or line when painting. Always keep this in mind when sculpting parts of the figure. Things may come out slightly different sizes but if they were not too obvious in the base figure then they won't be too obvious in your sculpt either. Not even professionals are perfect.

You can see in these pics my sculpt is rough and I don't even have the shoes laces in yet. I also filled in the pegs holes while fine tuning the sculpt later.
Always keep in mind moving parts and don't sculpt in places that will block movement. I used my exacto to cut the sculpted parts of the shoes in the area where it rotates. Hopefully when you are done it will look like this or better.

The soles of the shoes are a blank canvas to put my own ideas into a figure where they are not found in the artwork it is based on. In some figures I hide my name using mud like I did on my Silent Hill James figure, but in this case I wrote Chun-Li's name in English and simplified Chinese. I left the heels blank so I can drill holes into them later for a custom stand.

Now provided you filled in the details based upon your reference art, you should have a completed figure that looks similar to this one.

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