have Marvel Ultimate Alliance Gold for xbox 360 for sale
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have Marvel Ultimate Alliance Gold for xbox 360 for sale

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I have this game I bought a year ago when I had an x-box360. I sold my 360 and what I thought was all the games only to find this game a few months later This is the edition that has the 8 characters u normally would have to buy from the market place. Dr. Doom, Venom, magneto, sabertooth, hulk,hawkeye, nightcrawler and cyclops and the bonus disc. Anyways Im looking to sell it. I want $20.00 shiping is included in that price. I am shipping it using priority. I only accept USPS money orders. I send it out after I recieve payment. PM me if you are interested.
thank u for looking
pictures are here

Posted by savage21
on Friday, March 25, 2011
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savage21 -
Monday, May 16, 2011
buming it
savage21 -
Friday, April 8, 2011
bump for weekend
savage21 -
Thursday, March 31, 2011

figures according to year and some figures according to series

Doc '83
Rip Cord '84
Deep Six ‘84
Cutter '84
Copperhead '84
Airtight ‘85
Torch ‘85 - complete - $7
Buzzer ‘85
Barbecue ‘85
Hawk ‘86
Iceberg ‘86
Sci Fi '86
Monkeywrench ‘86
Lift Ticket
Sgt Slaughter '86 (Triple T driver)
Fast Draw
Jinx ‘87
Outback ‘87
Psyche Out ‘87
Croc Master '87
Crystal Ball
Techno Viper '87
Royal Guard
Ice Viper
Zanzibar ‘87
Blizzard '88
Hydro Viper
Road Pig '88
Iron Grenadier '88
Scoop - $2
Frag Viper ‘89
HEAT Viper ‘89
Annihilator -
Sub Zero ‘90
Laser Viper ‘90
Night Creeper '90
Range Viper '90
Rock Viper ‘90
Headhunter DEF
General Flagg ‘92
HEAT Viper Battle Corps
Colonel Courage – complete
Night Creeper Leader (orange) - complete
Headhunter (Battle Corps – green hightlights)
GI Joe (Joseph Colton) mail-in
Ambush 2001
Reservist (Fan Club mail-in premium)
Cobra viper (loose any)
Night Watch Trooper (2005) v1
Tripwire ‘83
Crimson Guard
big lobb
Crimson Guard Commander
Ambush ‘90
Sub Zero ‘90
Laser Viper ‘90
Rock Viper ‘90
Saw Viper ‘90
Metal Head ‘90
Croc Master (VvV)
Red Star
BAT ‘91
Snow Serpent ‘91
Crossfire 2001
Doubleblast 2001

DTC Figures
Airtight (DTC)
Outback (DTC
Cobra Trooper (DTC)
Monkeywrench (DTC)
Saw viper (DTC)
lowlight (DTC)
Agent Courtney Krieger (DTC)
Major Bludd (DTC)
Snow serpent (DTC)

Comic Pack figures
Grunt (comic pack #4) - complete
Stalker (comic pack #7)
Snake Eyes (comic pack #21)
Storm Shadow (comic pack #21)
Lonzo Wilkinson / Stalker (comic pack #26)
Tommy Arashikage / Storm Shadow (comic pack #26)
Zartan (comic pack)
Flint (comic pack)
Hawk (comic pack #76)
Ripper (comic pack #75)
Thrasher (comic pack #75)
Zarana (comic pack)
Dragonsky (comic pack)

MASS Device 25th – complete (all main pieces and 3 empty containers)
Weather Dominator 25th – complete - $4
RAM 25th – complete - $4
Armadillo 25th – complete with blueprints,
AWE Striker 25th (tan) – complete with blueprints
RAM & Flight Pod 25th (white) – complete with blueprints, filecards-
Whirlwind (from TRU Vamp & Whirlwind set)
Treadfire v1 (grey)
Arctic Blast
the toss'n'cross bridge layer
VAMP any
Night Ops Humvee
any Hulk (GI Joe like figures) or vehicles
Gi Joe Vs Cobra MUV / Beachhead Radio Control Spy Troops Vehicle (Most importatn Want!!!!!!!!!!!!))
Smokescreen Transport

Accessories and body parts
all of bullhorns (v1) acessories )
Big Boa (just accesories)
Lightfoot (just arms of figure)
Muskrat ‘88 ( accessories and arms)
Repeater ‘88 (accessories and arms)
Spearhead (accessories)
Any big ben riffles
pretty much any guns im not to picky as long as they are not broken
GI Joe Monster Blaster or APC Transport (just the thing tht holds the missle launcher up
Bags of GI Junk – whatever stray or broken parts you have laying around including body parts, accessories, and vehicle parts

other items
all items loose but in excelent condition

The Lost World Jurassic Park
MCC electronic lights (working and in excelent condition)
NICK VAN OWEN Tracking Specialist" with Capture Pack serise 2 (most Important want from this catigory)
AJAY SIDHU serise 2

can trade the Marvel Ultimate Alliance game in my other tread or I also
Thank u for reading have a great day
savage21 -
Tuesday, March 29, 2011
savage21 -
Sunday, March 27, 2011
End of the weekend bump
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