Trading Sentinel Baf
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Trading Sentinel Baf

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Trying to trade some legends for other legends.
Sentinel Baf (trade for a Red Hulk Baf, or a Nemesis Baf, or a Fin Fang Foom Baf)
ML The Thing
ML Namor
ML Dr. Doom (removeable mask)
ML Movie Daredevil
ML 1st app. Spider-Man
ML Giant-Man baf Thor
ML AOA Sabretooth and AOA Weapon-X
ML FO Sabretooth amd Wolverine
HML Ultimate Iron-Man
HML Ultimate Wolverine
HML Namor
HML Silver Surfer
HML Dr. Doom
XMC Jim Lee Cyclops
SMC Green Goblin
SMC Carnage
SMC Manga style Spider-Man
HSMO Iron Spider-Man
HC Joe Fix It Hulk
MS Magneto
MS Marvel Girl
spare pair of Angel wings

Nemesis Baf
Red Hulk Baf
Fin Fang Foom Baf
Any HML Two Packs (don't care if they re loose) Any Hand Ninjas, Any version of the Black Widow and Winter Soldier. Kree Soldier and Skrull. Need any of the SHIELD agents. Will give a good trade for Valkerie and Hulk( want this version to custom into Red Hulk.
HML Doc Samson, Skaar, Wendigo, Absorbing Man, Any of the Hulks to custom into Red Hulk
HML Black Bolt, Tigra, Nova
HML Kang, Guardian, Spiral
HML Piledriver, Thunder Ball
ML Hulk Buster
ML Hulkling
MS Mar-Vel
MS Uatu The Watcher

We can bundle up in trades.

Posted by masterpiece
on Monday, April 16, 2012
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HulkSmashedMe=( -
Monday, June 4, 2012
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