Ive got TDKR Jim Gordon
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Ive got TDKR Jim Gordon

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rest are open and complete
Drax w/o head
Stealth Extremis IronMan x2

Sentinel baf complete
Sent. baf Cyclops
Sent. baf 1st app. Spider-Man

Ultimate Ironman
Ultimate Wolverine

XMC Jim Lee Cyclops

Dr. Strange no cape and a little scuffed up
A pair of Angel Wings from angel

Avengers Hulk
Piledriver or Thunderball need any of them for a custom

a few complete Ronin body with or w/o head to custom into Hand Ninjas

Modern IronMan
Hulkbuster Iron Man
ML series 1 IronMan don't care if its beat up or incomplete need it to custom into The Guardsman
A hulkling to custom into Crossbones

Absorbing Man or a Smc Sandman to custom into Absorbing Man
Black Bolt

Kree Skrull soldier
SMC Juggernaut need to custom into Bulldozer
Titanium Man to custom into Maverick

MS Brood and Skrull x2

Posted by masterpiece
on Tuesday, July 10, 2012
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masterpiece -
Friday, July 13, 2012
mRoz22 -
Tuesday, July 10, 2012
pmd u about zola pieces
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