Here's "WHAT I GOT" Here's "WHAT I NEED"
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Here's "WHAT I GOT" Here's "WHAT I NEED"

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I *HAVE* the following figures for Trade

LCBH Conan
LCBH Wraal
ML Camo Punisher
ML AOA Sabretooth
ML Frankenstein
ML Fantomex
ML Drax
ML 1st App.Captain America
ML Unmasked Captain America
ML Astonishing Xmen Beast
ML Ronan series Invisible Woman
ML Bearded Sentry
ML Danger
ML Arnim Zola (red skull torso)
DCUC Captain Marvel/Shazaam
DCUC Black Suit Superman
DCD modern Starman
DCUC El Dorado
DCUC Dr.Midnight
DCUC Public Enemies Black Lightning
DCD Hawkgirl
DCD Captain Boomerang
DCD Atom
DCSH Darkseid
DCUC YJ Sportsmaster
Ult.Nick Fury body(minus head)
AOA Wolverine(minus head)
DCUC Ocean Warrior Aquaman(minus head)
ML Bullseye(I complete fodder body/1 partially complete fodder body)
DCUC Black Canary fodder body(minus head/stockings)
DCUC YJ Superboy
LCBH Super Patriot
DCUC Ultraman fodder bodies(2)
XMC Wolverine

I *NEED* the following figures(for some customs)

Face Off Sabretooth
Face Off Punisher
XMC Beast
ML Captain Genis-Vel
ML Ben Reilly
ML WW2 Captain America
ML Madame Hydra or Masque
ML Reg. Or Skrull Elektra
ML Daken
ML Havok
LCBH Darkness

I need these for some customs I am looking into getting made, so I don't need weapons, they don't need to be in MOC or semi-MOC condition, so if any of u cool folks have any of the items I listed LET's TALK!!!!!! and if you need pics I can provide them, and also all my figs are complete n in great condition......thx in advance/peace n have a great day

Posted by peewee23
on Thursday, August 9, 2012
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a9j8tgh6yhnf456m -
Thursday, August 30, 2012
which xmc beast is it you need the tech beast or stealth beast?
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