Batman Prime's trading list
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Batman Prime's trading list

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Well I don't have a lot since I am still a pretty green customizer but I do have a few things. Mostly I have 6 inch figures and fodder. I will list everything out and describe pictures.


I have some Spawn figures that I was going to use for customs but never did anything with.

WWE Wrestler, Marvel Select Rachel Grey, Angel (no wings).

I think that is a Captain Planet bike, ML Vengence bike, Wonderman sled, and ML Scarlet Witch sled

Green Lantern Parallax BAF (3 pieces), ML Iron Man weapons, misc weapons. 3.75in Lord Zedd from MMPR 2010 line.

Random Parts:

MM Joker, X-Men Train Station Cyclops(no jacket), MM Joker with coat

Heads: Some are Casting Cave casts that I don't need.

Heads: Another angle



I tend to collect as I custom so my list is pretty specific but anything similar is welcome too.
ML Stryfe
ML Spider-girl
ML Spider-man 2099
Almost any ML female body (Toybiz or Hasbro)
ML Gamora
ML X3 Beast
MM Catwoman
random fodder like belts, jackets, etc
BAF Jubilee arms
BAF Hit Monkey arms

I have an open mind for trading and I have a Paypal if you would rather deal in money. Thanks for looking.

Posted by Batman Prime
on Thursday, August 1, 2013
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JazzyJeffie -
Thursday, September 11, 2014
Hi there. Are you open to selling? I'm interested in the Black "Thug" Masks that you have.
I'm also looking for CnC Parts, hoping you have them:
- Solomon Grundy's LEFT ARM (from Robin)
- Chemo's ARMS and LEFT LEG

And looking for DCUC Stands (doesn't matter what logo - DC Universe Classics or DC Super Powers).

Here are some figures that I can trade away or sell to you, in case you need them:
- DCUC Black Manta classic costume (from 2-figure boxed set with Aquaman)
- DCUC Parasite (from 2-figure boxed set with Superman)
- DCUC Mary Marvel (white costume - the white paint areas are not 'pearly white', there are some marks)
- DCUC Sinestro Classic (from Wave 3)
- DCUC Firestorm Jason Rusch (with 1 arm accessory)
- Customized DCSH Mongul (got it from a trade a few months back)
- Mattel Young Justice Red Arrow fodder (complete figure, but torso broke away from lower limbs, can be easily glued)

I'm new to the forum, but for your peace of mind, here are my trade references from other well-known hobby forums:
- OneSixthWarriors (LoneWolf26) - OneSixthWarriors Trade References Thread (LoneWolf26)

- eBay (dweebnswish) - eBay Feedback Profile for dweebnswish

- Sideshow Collectors (LoneWolf) - Stored in two (2) places:
- The Feedback Thread (old feedback system of Sideshow): The Sideshow Freaks Feedback Thread. When you get to this page, press the CTRL and F keys, type LoneWolf & click FIND, and you'll see my feedback rating next to my username.
- My iTrader page (new feedback system of Sideshow): LoneWolf's iTrader Profile

Please let me know in your earliest availability.
Thanks in advance for your reply.
Batman Prime -
Thursday, September 11, 2014
UPDATED!!! 9/11/14
RonRonV95 -
Friday, September 5, 2014
do you still have the spawn figures
Batman Prime -
Thursday, September 4, 2014
Updated 9/4/14
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