Who is the smartest female in Marvel?
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Who is the smartest female in Marvel?

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There a dozens of super geniuses in the Marvel Universe, Mr. Fantastic, Dr. Doom, Hank Pym, Beast, Forge, Amadeus Cho, and dozens of others, but who every example I could think of was a male. So who is the smartest female in the Marvel Universe, bonus points if they have powers. Since so many successful teams have a genius on them you'd be hard pressed to put an all female team together and have it reach the success of the Fantastic Four or Avengers.

So far I have in the running Dr. Moira Mactaggert, she is often described as one of the worlds foremost experts in genetics. As for superpowers, I had Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) even though she is smart not genius level. Now I'm leaning towards Kitty Pryde, she was written as very good at computers at the very least. Still are there no ladies approaching Reed Richards level?

Posted by mrjayberry
on Saturday, April 21, 2012
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a9j8tgh6yhnf456m -
Thursday, August 30, 2012
I would have to go with Valeria for this one
daredevil96's Sidekick Studio -
Tuesday, June 19, 2012
Definetlly Spider-woman.
HulkSmashedMe=( -
Wednesday, May 23, 2012
Agreed. Valeria, which is kinda cheap considering she's offspring of Reed, but why not have the smartest man in MU give birth to the next smartest? And if Reed and Sue already have THE MOST POWERFUL BEING in the MU as a son, why not have the SMARTEST in a daughter?
RedRebelCustoms -
Wednesday, April 25, 2012
In the early days Janet was kept from looking too intelligent so she wouldn't overshadow Dr. Pym. I think the time period they were created in was a major hinderence in showing the Wasp's genius. Eventually she manifested some of the probably originally intended characteristics. By then though Janets strong personality and creative nature had become her signature characteristics.
RedRebelCustoms -
Wednesday, April 25, 2012
Janet is at the low end of the genius scale and not a lot of support there, except working assisting Dr Pym in the lab and being the first to scientifically deduce the change in Hanks personality ( Yellowjacket ), and it's chemically based origin, as well she was first to deducethe relationship between the Scarlet Witch and the Vision was the result of the infused personality of Wonder Man , and also was the first to correctly guess the identity of Iron Man at a time when Tony Stark faked his own death. Her creative talents could also stem from a higher than average intelligence as many artist measure high in that area.

Earth-2301 in the Marvel Mangaverse Janet works for Stark Industries and invents the W.A.S.P. technology. (Winged Amplification Surge Plasma) which allowed her to fly.

Earth-1610 in the Ultimate Universe , Janet is of Asian descent, rather than Caucasian, and she is a genius in her own right, holding 2 PhDs. She is also a mutant, but it is unknown everyone except SHIELD and her boyfriend Hank Pym. Her mutant powers allows her to shrink and grow wings when she is shrunken. She can also produce energy blasts which act like wasp stings. Her powers have strange side effects however, which include causing her to eat insects, forming her own larval nests, and laying eggs. She started dating Hank during college, but even during college Hank was extremely abusive to her. She was a roommate of Betty Ross , and Betty remembers times where Janet was missing chunks of her hair.
mrjayberry -
Wednesday, April 25, 2012
I forgot about Sage, yeah she would qualify, how did I forget her.

Is Wasp considered a genius, I know she has great fashion sense and a fantastic grasp of tactics, has she shown an above average ability in science to? Being in a relationship with Hank Pym I'd assume she might have been shown to be pretty smart by some writers.
RedRebelCustoms -
Wednesday, April 25, 2012
Female Genius of Marvel

Athena Panhellenios
Wasp- Janet Van Dyne
Alyssa Moy
Valeria Richarda
Geiger- Delilah Dearborn
Nightshade-Tilda Johnson
Maya Hansen
Clytemnestra Erwin
Zero One- Dr. Kurinji
Shadowcat- Kitty Pryde
Red She Hulk- Betty Ross
Moira Mactaggert

I think you could form a fairly good team here, even if you went the way of the Thunderbolts. Some are only genius level but most here are by Marvel status Super-Genius!
pancho1007 -
Tuesday, April 24, 2012
Betty Ross comes to mind....are we talking science smart or strategic smart? Val Cooper has proven herself over and again that she is a good political strategist.
Therapist -
Saturday, April 21, 2012
Valeria Richards. She is as smart if not smarter then Mr. Fantastic. Currently she has no powers besides shes ADORABLE! She has reasoned with Dr. Doom and solved a rubics cube as an infant. For the longest time she was reading absurd advanced books when she was a toddler hiding the books from her parents because she felt that if they knew how smart she was it would ruin the family dynamic

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