What games should I get for ps2?
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What games should I get for ps2?

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I won't get a next gen console anytime soon, so I'm stuck with my ps2, but there aren't new games comming out
I mainly enjoy fight and 3rd person adventure games, what you advice me to get, also I'm picky about gameplay
one thing is a hard game like devil may cry 3, other is game that's hard cause you can't control the char to do what you want like wolverine revenge, fight vs magneto, those jumps were impossible to aim right, and lots of other moves that were cool, but pain in the ass to connect, or pull out the triple kill moves, it was nearly impossible to get in the right position.

Posted by MrGore
on Monday, February 1, 2010
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pock63 -
Tuesday, March 30, 2010
Welcome to figurerealm uberweenies.
mousehunter22 -
Tuesday, March 30, 2010
If you are gonna get a PS2 game get the warriors, Rockstar made it, the creators of the Grand Theft Auto series, the gameplay is fun and very interactive. The visuals are the only bad thing about it they are not that great. There are tons of side missions and great ways to cause destuction to the enviroment (ou can basically destroy anything. )
El Archo -
Tuesday, February 2, 2010
have you tried the team ICO games : Ico and shadow of the colosus? these games are real works of art.

The Metal Gear Solid Series are all masterpieces.

You can't go wrong with Resident Evil, try outbreak only online otherwise it's pretty weak.

X-men legends is awsome (the second is pretty weak though)

if you ever come across a game called R.A.D. BUY IT.
and also steambot chronicles these are both the best of Giant Robot/fightin/adventure games out there.
they are kind of rare though.
Punstarr -
Monday, February 1, 2010
Too many characters and too little decent plot imho. I really didn't enjoy it the way I did the first one.
MrGore -
Monday, February 1, 2010
what's wrong with x-men legends 2?
I played all those besides the RE: Code Veronica
MrGore -
Monday, February 1, 2010
-God of War I or II - got that, still beating the second, I don't have much time to play

-Resident Evil: Code Veronica - I always missed out RE games, my bro was the RE player, I played Devil May Cry instead, it's we buy a game, if I play first he sees me playing and he doesn't have fun playing that game, and same goes other wise, but now that I live with my wife, I may give RE a try.

-Resident Evil 4 - sames as above, plus this game is really fun for me cause it's in spain, and I live in portugal right next to it.

-King's Field: The Ancient City - I'm not a huge fan first-person view, but will give it a try

-Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance - got it love it

-Spider-Man 1 & 2 - love the 2nd, hated the 1st, I got my first job to earn money to buy the 1st, and hated it, lol

-Guitar Hero Series - yeah got a few of those

WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw Series - Currently playinh 2010, and here comes the pain is a classic

-Sega Genesis Collection - gonna give a it a try

Punstarr -
Monday, February 1, 2010
Every Silent Hill game you can get your mitts on

X-Men Legends (but not 2)

RE: Code Veronica

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Just to name a few
BurningDoom -
Monday, February 1, 2010
A Few of My Favorite PS2 Games:

-God of War I or II - The game is beautiful to look, amazing graphics for PS2. The story is centered in Greek Mythology and the action is brutal! You can't miss this one.

-Resident Evil: Code Veronica - The best of the old-style RE games. This game is the biggest and best looking of those games and is true to the Resident Evil quality in gaming and story that you would expect.

-Resident Evil 4 - Capcom totally redesigned the Resident Evil series with this thing. Before you go thinking "Why the hell would they do that?" give this game a chance. This game actually improves the gameplay. The graphics are definetly upgraded, and the game is much bigger. The story also veers away from zombies in favor of some new monstrs.

-King's Field: The Ancient City - I'm a huge fan of this underrated RPG series. It's a first-person view, real-time action-RPG set in a full 360 degree 3D world with open-ended gameplay. This game has a big emphasis on exploration and figuring things out for yourself.

-Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance - A hack-n-slash action-RPG in the style of Diablo. But this game has better graphics than Diablo, bigger game and more areas to explore, and more items and enemies. It's also set in The Forgotten Realms (D&D) and it's characters stats and level-up system is based on Dungeons & Dragons rules.

-Spider-Man 1 & 2 - Both games are a ton of fun to play. The first game focuses more on level-to-level gameplay and beat-em up style action, which the second game focuses more on open-world gameplay with mission style goals. Both games have a superb web-slinging and wall-crawling gameplay system that makes it a blast to play.

-Guitar Hero Series - Any game in the series is good. This game let's you play the best rock and metal songs out there with an actual guitar peripherial. What's not to love about this game?

WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw Series - Any game in this series is good as well. If you're into wrestling games at all, then these are the ones to get. Great graphics, great character selection, tons of match modes, and actual storylines in the single-player modes.

-Sega Genesis Collection - If you're into old-school gaming, then this is the best compilation to get! It has all the best Sega games on one disc. While not as big and impressive as the PS3 release, this collection still includes the best-of-the-best including: Sonic the Hedgehog 1 & 2, Vectorman 1 & 2, Golden Axe 1-3, Altered Beast, Columns, Comix Zone, Phantasy Star, and others.

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