Anybody know any good primers
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Anybody know any good primers

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I'm trying to get better at customizing, and that entails pushing myself, little by little. It's time for me to start to on something I mostly avoid and that's light colors and details. I know you need to lay a layer of primer to paint lighter colors.

Anybody know any good ones that are reasonably priced, and know where to find them?
A while ago some one helped me out and recommended Dupli-color (I believe Vinyl and Fabric)and bless them for it. I never used it, I couldn't find it to save my life.

When I first started out I used primer twice most recently for a crystal, but it was the type you handbrush on not spray. Also when I first started, maybe 2 years ago maybe more I used a random one, I was 16 maybe so I had no concept of different types of sprays for different types of plastics and it never really dried correctly, it looked like crap. Although I'm older and decided to try to do this as a regular hobby, I'm still not to sure, but these are things I need to know so if some one would let me know what specific types of sprays/paints I should use on what types of plastics that would be a HUGE help. I tried to use Acrylics on a figure that was not a marvel legends and the paint dried very funky like. So if someone can let me know some, if not all the questions I would appreciate it.
Much Love.

Posted by BumAssAfro1
on Wednesday, March 16, 2016
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Henchmen4Hire -
Thursday, March 17, 2016
I asked the same a while ago and someone suggested Krylon Colormaster. I've been using it and have had almost no problems. The only time it reacted badly was when painting a belt on a DCUC fig; it got sticky.

Other than that, it sprays and dries smoothly, just shake it really well occasionally, as per instructions. I use the Gray. It sprays on and it almost looks like you're misting on colored water, but after a few seconds it starts turning opaque and you can see it clearly.

There is a version specifically for plastic, but I'm using the normal version, in that link, and it works fine. Costs maybe 7 bucks a can.

BumAssAfro1 -
Thursday, March 17, 2016
Thanks, man. This was really a big help.
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