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BAF help

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Hi everyone ,

I recently picked up a BAF terrax and armin zola ridiculously cheap ..about $4.00 each but they didn`t come with the accessories , the staff and weapon , does anyone have an idea what would make a good stand in for each?

Giant-man : has anyone found a good half masked head for the BAF .

what do you guys do with the random parts you have no use for ? like odins arms , goblin bodies ? the parts you kind get left with after buying fodder? so many mojo / blob / modok parts

Posted by kitbashvoodooskull
on Saturday, March 25, 2017
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kitbashvoodooskull -
Saturday, March 25, 2017
Thanks for responding , I just need the axe so I`ll hit up ebay or bring out the boxes of fodder and hope for the best .
antithetical -
Saturday, March 25, 2017
I was going to say I have the axe for Terrax, but I see you're in the UK and shipping that across the pond would easily run two or three times what you paid for both figures. Hardly worth the effort, but I'd say keep looking and you're bound to run across the BAF axe and head, which came with the Hope Summers figure and seem to be commonly listed on Ebay for cheap, at least here in the states.

As for what to do with the random fodder you never use, just do what it looks like everyone else does... resell it on Ebay with other fodders pieces you can't use, lol!
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