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Will Decker (Star Trek I: The Motion Picture) - DST (Star Trek)
by Bobye
Here is my custom action figure Will Decker from Star Trek I: The Motion Picture. This figure is in scale 1:10, about 7 inches high. body: Spock - Star Trek TMP (Diamond Select Toys) head: Starbuck...[See More]
Uhura (Star Trek I: The Motion Picture) - DST (Star Trek)
by Bobye
Here is my custom action figure Uhura from Star Trek I: The Motion Picture. This figure is in scale 1:10, about 7 inches high. Original figure: body: Beverly Crusher - Star Trek The Next Generation...[See More]
Champions (Champions)
by Irn12
I used some rubber and pain to add a skirt and leggings to simulate the look of leather for Hercules. Archangel is a repaint of the archangel figure with a Havok head. Ghost Rider has an Wolverine...[See More]
Darth Vader (Empire Strikes Back) (Star Wars)
by Deaditor
What is the most iconic and most loved Star Wars film? Empire Strikes Back, therefore the most iconic Darth Vader would be from this movie. After finishing my “A New Hope” Custom of Vader (check it...[See More]
Luke Skywalker (Shadows of the Empire) Black Series (Star Wars)
by djcos25
This was my first 6 inch Black Series custom. All that was done was I boiled and popped some parts, and repainted the vest. Head, hands, blaster, holster: Star Wars The Black Series Luke Skywalker...[See More]
Dash Rendar (Black Series) (Star Wars)
by djcos25
“Han Solo? Ha, you don’t need that guy if I’m around." I'm hoping we get a 6 inch Dash Rendar, but in the meantime I decided to make my own. Dash is one of my favorite characters, and I loved...[See More]
Rain Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate (WWE)
by Metalman John
I never thought it would come out this good, took an old batman cape and made the garments, took the Balor jackets and made the ninja vest, used Procreate to make the head wrap and ninja mouth piece,...[See More]
Túrin Turambar (Lord of the Rings)
TÚRIN TURAMBAR, hijo de Húrin y Morwen, debe ser el personaje con la historia más desafortunada, emblemática e interesante de todo el Silmarillion. En conjunto con su Yelmo de Hador y la espada...[See More]
Mad Max (Road Warrior) (Mad Max)
by mr.fenrir
"That rolling circus out there? Im starting to like it. Any longer out on that road and im one of them, a terminal crazy, with nothing but a bronze badge to tell me im one of the good guys." My...[See More]
Azaghal (Lord of the Rings)
Azaghâl, Rey enano de Belegost de la edad de las Lámparas y la Primera Edad del Sol, reconocido por la creación de las mejores armas y armaduras durante su reinado. Fue el primer portador del yelmo...[See More]
Anarion (Lord of the Rings)
Anárion, hijo de Elendil y hermano de Isildur, fundador de Gondor junto a su hermano y de Minas Arnor (posteriormente conocida como Minas Tirith). No recuerdo el nombre de la figura original pero...[See More]
The Mask (Big Head) (Mask)
by KingKoopa12k
First custom in over two years; always wanted an animated style Big Head figure & this was pretty simple after 3D sculpting the heads The Mask (also known as Big Head by everybody in the comics) is...[See More]
Jeff Jarrett (Wrestling)
by BoneCrunchingCustoms
Head: "Double J" Jeff Jarrett [WWF DTA Tour 2; re-painted] Arms: Ken Shamrock [WWF Superstars - Series 8] Upper torso: Stone Cold Steve Austin [WWF Superstars - Series 5] Lower torso: "Double J" Jeff...[See More]
Doctor Voodoo /Brother Voodoo (Marvel Legends)
by finalvinyl
Imitation is the best form of flattery,right?.... .. so when I saw my boy Comicustoms!'s Doctor Voodoo, I had to make one! So here it is .....I mean this character has been waiting a long time to...[See More]
Alien First Encounter Spacesuit Engineer repaint (Aliens)
by Cabal22
I love The Alien saga and I had to have all the awesome Neca Alien figures, but the Neca original spacesuit Engineer figures have reached some damn crazy price nowadays! So I decided to buy a Neca...[See More]
Rogue (Brotherhood) (Marvel Legends)
by Wings
OK, I wanted to do a few more Rogues over the next couple of months as she's had so many outfits. This one was more of an experiment really where the jacket is concerned. I dremelled a Wasp head at...[See More]
Rogue (Brotherhood) V2 (Marvel Legends)
by Wings
Had a commission for a repeat of Rogue in her original togs.Swapped the head with Wasp. Sculpted hair and boots and added a darice tunic. Sale feel through though so she's off to you know where ;)...[See More]
Captain America (Halo)
by lprototypel
Hello Gentlemen, I present you my version of armored Captain America. He is ready to take on Iron Man in the coming movie Civil War. New armor, same old shield. The base figure: Sergeant Forge -...[See More]
The Acolytes (Wrestling)
by BoneCrunchingCustoms
Faarooq Head: Faarooq [WWE Road To Wrestlemania - Wrestlemania 23] Arms: The Rock [WWF Summerslam 99 - Road Rage]; Bicep tape hand-painted Upper torso: The Rock [WWF Summerslam 99 - Road Rage] Lower...[See More]
Christian (Wrestling)
by BoneCrunchingCustoms
Head: Christian [WWF Titan Tron Live No Way Out - Series 2] Arms: Chainz [WWF 2 Tuff - Series 1]; Tattoos removed; Wrist tape design painted silver Upper torso: Road Dogg Jesse James [WWF 2 Tuff -...[See More]
Lord Starkiller Sith Stalker (Star Wars)
by DarkCastleCustoms
Sith Stalker Armor was a type of armor that was cybernetically grafted to the wearer, covering the entire body save the arms. Featuring design details resembling those found on Mandalorian and Ubese...[See More]
Reverse Flash (DC Icons)
by ronan the horse
After getting a hold of the Rebirth dc icons flash I didn’t want to just get rid of my classic one and I always thought he had kind of a villainous look to his face so I decided to simply repaint it...[See More]
Star Trek The Motion Picture Crew (Star Trek)
by lumina
8 of these Figures are customized... All figures are DST base figures. I've done quite a bit of sculpting and paint to create a matching crew. Uhura is a base Troy figure & her head became Ilia,...[See More]
Dirty Harry Callahan Clint Eastwood Marvel Legends (Marvel Legends)
by csuperstar
Casting Cave head on a painted Hasbro ML Professor X. I have a 12" Dirty Harry but wanted to get one in 6" scale with a .44 Magnum from a Coneheads figure...since I can't find my NECA Hartigan. Hope...[See More]
Peter Parker (Marvel Legends)
by actionman81
I liked a lot of the Peter Parker customs, and decided to redo mine. I needed a smaller civilian body, but was stumped on where to start. Seeing that the Fortnite figures were slightly shorter than...[See More]
Joker (What if? Comic/Film Hybrid) (Batman - Movie Style)
by El Archo
"When you bring me out, can you introduce me as Joker?" The Joker (Arthur Fleck) So this was a pretty simple custom to do - I work at a thrift store and we occasionally get cool stuff like new...[See More]
SAR (Lost In Space)
I used several Mega Construx parts to create this figure, and other scratch. I sculpted over these parts, and then spray painted them Dark Metallic Silver. Was not as hard as Robot....[See More]
Van Helsing (Anthony Hopkins) (Dracula)
by Mattttt
Not a Diamond select fan, I hesitated for a long time to get the Anthony Hopkins figure, good pick! The face is extraordinary! So I started on a new character from Coppola's Dracula movie. Body +...[See More]
Captain Pike (Star Trek: Discovery) - DST (Star Trek)
by Bobye
Here is my custom Star Trek: Discovery action figure - Captain Pike. This figure is in scale 1:10, about 7 inches high. body: Chekov - Star Trek TOS (Diamond Select Toys), uniform sculpted,...[See More]
Lieutenant Rhys (Star Trek: Discovery) - DST (Star Trek)
by Bobye
Here is my custom Star Trek: Discovery action figure Lieutenant Rhys. This figure is in scale 1:10, about 7 inches high. body: LaForge - Star Trek: The Next Generation - All good things (Diamond...[See More]
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