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Predator Blain (Jesse Ventura) (Predator)
by Cabal22
I used Neca jungle extraction Dutch and painted the jacket. I glued the knife on the chest. I added a bloody bendage on the left arm using green stuff and painted it. With epoxy I sculpted the hat...[See More]
Shredder (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
by Batman1016
Hello all! Just popping into the Realm to show off my very latest creation. Yeah, I'm supposed to be working on Kraid, but I got a brain-worm idea that just wouldn't go away, so I spent the last...[See More]
War-Head (Masters of the Universe)
by Jin Saotome
"Serving under Man-At-Arms in the Eternian Guard the valiant War-Head excels at piloting every combat vehicle in Castle Grayskull's battalion. From the Wind Raider to the Battle Ram, War-Head needed...[See More]
Joker Symbiote : What if? (Marvel Legends)
by SymbioteSeeker
Another custom. Been meaning to to do this for a while now. Pretty easy to be honest. This guy is completely off the top off my head, Saw a few images on google floating around. Also saw Poundz978...[See More]
Dragon Man (Marvel Legends)
by zaloom
I never liked how dragn man looks in the comics of the fantastic 4, I always imagined it with a more similar appearance even dragon and that was why I decided to make this custom that looks more like...[See More]
Venomized Superior Spider-man (Marvel Legends)
by SymbioteSeeker
Superior Venom being my favorite character in comics even though it was extremely short lived. The custom was very simple. Magneto base body. Nail polish to remove all the red paint. Added Electro...[See More]
Angel (King of Fighters)
by Perrosalamandra
Hello again. I thank everyone for their comments and this website for allowing us to publish our works. It is fun. In this occasions we bring to angel of the series the king of the fighters. The base...[See More]
Hwa Jai (Fatal Fury)
by Perrosalamandra
Hi all. Happy Valentines Day I present my version of Hwa Jai ​​of the video game Fatal Fury 1 1. Body: Marvel legends 2. Head: Bullseye (Manthing BAF) 3. Details made with Epoxy and Tamiya Paint...[See More]
The Mindless One (Marvel Legends)
by SymbioteSeeker
This was a commission. Reduce to no articulation even though there is still 27 points. Very basic design from the first appearance in the marvel comics. A crap tone of sculpt work, Red acrylic eye...[See More]
The Batman Who Laughs (Marvel Legends)
by SymbioteSeeker
Easy one here, Ghost rider with black paint and a fair bit off sculpt work. Expect this guy to go up on Ebay very soon. From the Dark Knights Metal series. Since Mattel keep putting out trash DC...[See More]
April O'Neil (NECA '87 Cartoon Style) (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
by Batman1016
Hello everyone. :) It's been a while. Unfortunately, I have been out of commission for several months, following a pretty nasty car accident. As in "had to re-learn how to type" bad. (Head trauma,...[See More]
Wonder Woman amazon armor (DC Universe)
by DSNG500
Another new one... today it's a custom design of Wonder Woman! I wanted a Warrior Amazon version of Diana / Wonder Woman, which radiated beauty and strength. She took a while, but I like how she...[See More]
Snowboarding Chewbacca (Star Wars)
by Edgy 3
This is what started This hobby for me about 17 years ago. I've seen a painting that was given to Jeremy Bullock ( actor who played Boba Fett ) of Boba Fett surfing a big wave. Figuring it to big of...[See More]
Crime Duo: Shocker and Whirlwind (Marvel Universe)
by Murgyatno
What if Jackson Brice is not dead like the way its portrayed in the movie? After Brice jeopardized Toomes group by recklessly and repeatedly firing an Ultron Blaster Gun publicly, he realize his...[See More]
Star Trek Crewman (Star Trek)
by Talysman
Lots of grinding, lots of sculpting. I worked off of a casting of the original figure, so as to not completely ruin the original. I have actually posted a more detail description in the custom work...[See More]
Tokka (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
by tmntfannumerouno
This was made using a tmnt bootleg classics figure as the base with the original tokka head, feet, forearms, and arms added. The rest was sculpted using aves apoxie sculpt....[See More]
Lobo (Marvel Universe)
by KiboBeerNomad
TRASH TRASH! Trash trash trash. Belongs in the trash. Awful undersized trash that wasted too many figures for parts, total trash....[See More]
Red Hood (Jason Todd) (Battle Damaged) (DC Icons)
by Tomcat1012
Used the DC Icons Nightwing figure and did a repaint. The battle damaged was done with apoxie sculpt and the helmeted head belonged to Captain Britan originally. The Jacket came with a wolverine...[See More]
The Witch-King's Fell-Beast (Lord of the Rings)
by Deaditor
Whilst a lot of the line is nicely done, I didn't like the scale that Toybiz made for the Fellbeast, especailly its head size. Also I felt that the sculpt was lacking and I wanted it to have the...[See More]
Rolento (Street Fighter)
by Banner/HULK Inc.
Rolento has appeared in Final Fight and Street Fighter video games. He’s a twisted military veteran and former Mad Gear Gang member who wanted to establish his own militaristic nation. His combat...[See More]
Yoda (episode 1-3) (Star Wars)
by DarthEthanator
Head, hands, and body: TVC Yoda Arms: Clone Wars Yoda I really wanted to have a Yoda figure with ball hinged elbows so I swapped the arms with the Clone Wars Yoda using the boil and pop method. The...[See More]
Verinias Pullo Gorlitzia / Lanista of the House of Gorlitzia (Gladiator)
by Edgy 3
A lanista was a wealthy roman who purchased slaves to be trained as gladiators. Filled in face with clay and resculpted hair. Swapped out hands. Repaint and crafted a tunic out of scrap fabric. Bits...[See More]
Dromekliaetes of Thrace (Thracian Style) (Gladiator)
by Edgy 3
Thrace ( were Spartacus was from ) was both a place but all so a fighting style that was adapted to the arena. Two curved swords or one coupled with a shield and assorted armor was the dress of a...[See More]
Steve Zissou (Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou)
by Pjb272
I used an Indiana Jones Russian soldier torso and Mutt Williams legs. I added the the hat, beard, and holster with epoxy and painted him....[See More]
Beatrix Kiddo (AKA, The Bride) (Kill Bill)
by Toymaker12
Used a thrift store Barbie doll to create The Bride from Kill Bill. Her sword was created completely from scratch. I used a narrow sliver of wood for the blade. A simple piece of tough plastic was...[See More]
Angela (Spawn)
by Toymaker12
Used a barbie purchased from thrift store after she was thoroughly cleaned. The winged headpiece was used from a dollar store pony I found. The spawn earrings were made using buttons. The spear was...[See More]
Marcos Martin Spider-Man (Marvel Legends)
by Mugg Men
I used an Amazing Spider-Man 2 Marvel Legends, gave him a Web-Battlers Spider-Man head with added sculpt to the eyes to resemble Martin’s art. I also created one thing I set out to do, make the...[See More]
Emma Frost (New X-Men) (Marvel Legends)
by Wings
I saw this recipe over at Fwoosh and was happy with the simplicity of her! Just a feull repaint with a FF4 Movie Invisible woman hair. I reshaped the eyes with paint to try and get closer to Grants...[See More]
Billy y Jimmy "Double Dragon 1" (Double Dragon)
by Felipe Luna
Doble dragon 1, mi juego arcade favorito de infancia y que hasta el día de hoy lo juego en mi maquina arcade. Por lo tanto no podia faltar sus customs, ya customize a Willy Mackey, ahora fue el turno...[See More]
Septimus of Corsica ( Retiarius ) (Gladiator)
by Edgy 3
ALL FOR THE GLORY OF ROME!!!!! Took advise and have been acquiring better paints... Sculpted hair, helmet, sleave armor and sandal straps( with foam soles). Aragorns hands, cut to fit. The chest...[See More]
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