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Director Orson Krennic (Star Wars)
by William Kirk
The base figure for the Director Krennic Keychain is the Euro 2016 mascot keychain. After seeing the caped man, it was obvious for me: he would be a great director Krennic from Rogue One. Almost...[See More]
Martha (No-Girl) and Ernst (Marvel Legends)
by Wings
Talk about an odd couple. Martha is a sculpted brain and base with hot glue suspending her in a clear christmas tree bauble. The needles are trimmed safety pins with a Toybiz Gambit bo-staff trimmed...[See More]

Honey Badger (Marvel Legends)
by Wings
Wanted a smaller body for Gabby to portray her youth while still having full articulation. Head is from Kate Bishop and claws are safety pins trimmed and covered in hot glue to make the bone look....[See More]

Superboy (Kon-El / Conner Kent) (Marvel Legends)
by newcollector
This was my first attempt at painting a "S" symbol. I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. The lower legs are from ML Old Man Logan and the head is Madrox. Base body is Dr Strange. Thanks...[See More]
AREZ’ 90’s Casey Jones (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
TMNT 90’s Casey Jones DOB 11/12/18! -This guy has been in my to do list since forever! -I tried to make him as close as possible to the source and hopefully I did him justice. -It took me a bit of...[See More]
Mecha Hulk (Marvel Legends)
by L&A's Customs
L&A’s Customs - BOOM!!!! Mecha Hulk has arrived! Yes, we remade this bad boy and he’s bigger, badder and scary as #%$*!...[See More]
Solomon Grundy (DC Universe)
by L&A's Customs
L&A’s Customs - Mini Project - Utilizing the old DC CnC Grundy Bass, we kit-bashed the base with the new Marvel Legends Juggernaut BAF arms, added resized arm bands, a total new paint job and voila,...[See More]
Jim Ignatowski (Funko Pop!)
by uncle boris
Started out by trimming back the hair on the base figure and re-positioning the hands. Then re-sculpted the hair and repainted the figure to match. The "I Love E.T." pin was built and painted from...[See More]
by DoctorBergsan
In an incredibly divisive move, the second JJ Abrams Star Trek decided to use Khan as their principal baddie (“John Harrison” in the ad campaign) in an attempt to capitalize/ape the superlative Wrath...[See More]
Rat King (IDW version) (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
by Raptor86
Recipe: Head; the head is from the BAF Hobgoblin Marvel Legends (ML) figure. I trimmed the ears and positioned them lower in the skull. The mouth was closed and I sculpted the cheeks. For the hair I...[See More]
Freebooter (Original)
by helrodd
Freebooter. Wasteland terror High octane and high caliber. 4x4. There are some customs that take a day and others can take a year either because of parts, inspiration or just finding the time....[See More]

Mento (Doom Patrol) (DC Universe)
by fujimiya.gokunaga
Mattel already made some of the Doom Patrol members, however they forgot to make I decided to make one. It'll be a great additional to people who collects the dcuc doom patrol. sculpted the...[See More]

Geoffey St. John (Sonic)
by Wakeangel2001
I've made this guy a couple time before, Geoffrey may have been a world class jerk but his character arc was interesting and complicated and cool so it's no wonder I still get asked to make him....[See More]
Fly-Bye (MOTUC Original) (Masters of the Universe)
by ACCustomFigures
Part of a 2 man mercenary team hired by Hordak, Fly-Bye and Light-M-Up are experts at leveling the field. In battle they are Etheria’s most devastating tag-team, Light-M-Up scorching the earth, and...[See More]
Light-Em-Up (MOTUC Original) (Masters of the Universe)
by ACCustomFigures
Part of a 2 man mercenary team hired by Hordak, Fly-Bye and Light-M-Up are experts at leveling the field. In battle they are Etheria’s most devastating tag-team, Light-M-Up scorching the earth, and...[See More]
Moloc (Stargate)
by LVL28 Toys
Head is from a DST Jonas Quinn. Body is a DST Jaffa Warrior Teal'c. Custom sculpted armor, ribbon device, and posable cape....[See More]
Malek (Stargate)
by LVL28 Toys
Head is from DST Cameron Mitchell with sculpted hair and repaint. Body is a DST Ori Prior base with extensive resculpt and paint. Hand-sculpted zat'nik'tel holster as well as the Transphase...[See More]
G.I. JOE Legends: Scarlett and Snake Eys (G.I. Joe)
by Comicustoms
and to finish out the JOE team, love and warbirds Snake Eyes and Scarlett. Scarlett was made from Throwback Widow, Black Cat forearms, Gwenpool hands, Agent 13 head and wig, with cast ponytail whose...[See More]

G.I. JOE Legends: Roadblock (G.I. Joe)
by Comicustoms
Hey! Next up is Roadblock! Kickin' rhymes and Cobras ass! I started with a Hydra soldier. Sculpt the mustache and tanktop. Added Bishop hands and weapons harness. Weapons. Paint. Lots of spacing to...[See More]

G.I. JOE Legends: Lady Jaye (G.I. Joe)
by Comicustoms
Hey! Next up is Lady Jaye! The 1st Lady of the JOE team. Carol Danvers head, Netflix Elektra body, WWE boots, Barbara Gordon forearms, Beetle shoulders, Black Widow hands, Wasp hair. Sculpt the...[See More]

G.I. JOE Legends Gen Hawk (G.I. Joe)
by Comicustoms
Hey! Finally came up with a great idea for the movie Vulture. 1st I thought Hal Jordan but kinda meh. Gen Hawk tho! Walgreens Pun and Mr. Fantastic heads, helmet from Resident Evil figure, movie...[See More]

Echo (Ronin) Maya Lopez (Marvel Legends)
by Comicustoms
hey! Did a quick n smooth take on Echo. Typhoid Mary head, Beetle torso and forearms, Scarlet Witch shoulders, Maria Hill hair, Valkyrie braided ponytail, movie Valkyrie feet, Netflix Elektra lower...[See More]

Firestar (Marvel)
by hcdragon
Angélica Jones, una niña solitaria criada por su padre soltero Bartolomé y su abuela paterna, descubrió que poseía poderes mutantes. Después de la muerte de su abuela por insuficiencia cardíaca y su...[See More]
Mentor (Marvel)
by hcdragon
Mentor es un miembro de la Guardia Imperial Shi'ar , un ejército de seres poderosos que hace cumplir la ley imperial Shi'ar en todos los planetas de la Galaxia Shi'ar y sirve a los gobernantes del...[See More]
Tarantula (Marvel Universe)
by Captain_America1976
Sculpted the mask onto an extra Recondo head. Body is primarily MU Falcon with different arms and lower legs. Added the boot spikes. Painted up and ready to go....[See More]
Nick Fury Jr. and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents (Marvel Legends)
by Emmett
I recently picked up several S.H.I.E.L.D. agent figures and got tired of them all looking the same, so I just did some simple head swaps and repaints....[See More]
Ultimate Cosmic Spiderman (Marvel Legends)
by CRobTheCreator
Ultimate Cosmic Spider-Man is made from a big time spiderman head and a bullseye body. Hands are Netflix daredevil....[See More]
Marvel Vector and X-Ray (Marvel Universe)
by superfudge
I have been wanting do to these customs for awhile, but was not confident enough in my skills. I was really inspired by the great Dravenheart and mintcondition and 1andyonly5711 U-foes customs. I...[See More]
Toxin Eddie Brock (Marvel Legends)
by L0new0lF C-137
I have wanted to use this body for as long as I could remember! It was just a matter of getting it cheap enough... I wanted a decent custom from Toxin Eddie Brock based off that first comic cover he...[See More]
Baxter Stockman (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
by argenta-2008
Here it is Baxter Stockman, rearticulated. While I saw a few episodes of the 2003 series back in it's day, I didn't remember Baxter. When I was asked to do this I was shocked he was so different! I...[See More]
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