Vehicle Customs
The Cerberus (Original)
by General Havoc
3d printed but digital parts used. Wings from a royal TIE interceptor, nose and wings from a eve online cyclops, main body from a WH 40k shuttle, wing engines from a batman plane I did not recognize...[See More]
Battle Cat Filmation version (Masters of the Universe)
by argenta-2008
This is a repaint and modification of the vintage Battle Cat, to look really like his cartoon counterpart. The toy was close, more than most the other figures, but it could be made much closer....[See More]
1971 Plymouth Gold Duster (Al bundy’s Dodge) (Celebrities)
by mego/man
How fast does it go?as fast as Al can push. Here is a nice filler custom I did of the bundy war wagon aka dodgenstein. I started with a 1:64 scale johnny lightning plymouth duster because als car was...[See More]
Death Egg Robot (comic design) (Sonic)
by Wakeangel2001
I count the Death Egg Robot as a vehicle since its a giant mecha, and like all my other ones this one does have a cockpit inside you can stick an Eggman figure in. I'm sure you've all seen my...[See More]
1/6 LAWMASTER Judge Dredd comic (Judge Dredd)
by Jason Stead
Scratch built 1/6th scale comic Judge DREDD Lawmaster bike. Made from Card, Plasticard, Plastics, Metals, Eagle is Plasticard sculpt. Wheel are the rear wheels on the Action Man DR X chopper. So...[See More]
Egg Walker (Sonic)
by Wakeangel2001
So, this was quite the involved build. My challenge was to make the Egg Walker from Sonic Adventure 2 in scale with the Jazwares Eggman figure so he could sit inside it. I found a ball 4 inches in...[See More]
Mechanized Crab Tank (Acid Rain World)
by Tankster
I used a Chap Mei Tank Body mixed with a WWII Tiger Turret for the main body The legs are heavily Modified Unicron Legs with Treads on the Bottom of the feet Used allot of fodder and Styrene to build...[See More]
Imperial AT-Hauler (From SOLO) (Star Wars)
by Whills_Scholar
This design is my own "toyetic" idea of what the Imperial AT-Hauler might have been like had Hasbro made one. It can interact with Hasbro's AT-DT Walker toy by carrying and releasing it just as you...[See More]
Punisher Van (Marvel Legends)
by bawvu97
Cowabunga Carl van was stripped and painted. Windows, head lights and tail lights were laser cut and etched. 2 LED circuits with three bulbs each. I added a illuminated gun rack and tactical map....[See More]
Freebooter (Original)
by helrodd
Freebooter. Wasteland terror High octane and high caliber. 4x4. There are some customs that take a day and others can take a year either because of parts, inspiration or just finding the time....[See More]
Billy bones (Original)
by helrodd
Did this one because I wanted to do one in green. Originally the paint scheme was going to g to resemble 1960s race car thus the rating green. Didn't like the way the racing stripes turned out so I...[See More]
Twin terrors (Original)
by helrodd
Twin terrors Two cars that have become legends whose mysterious drivers work for the highest bidder Swift dangerous with an ever growing reputation as killers who remain a mystery because the few...[See More]
The Bat (Batman)
by helrodd
The Bat.. Modified three wheeler , a little sleeker, Al little faster, Driven by a loner who speeds through the wastelands with only Justice in mind No one knows his name they just know he stands...[See More]
Harley and Ivy Rose Bud car (Batman Animated)
by zelu1984
Hey guys, After making cartoon accurate Harley and Ivy I wanted to make the "Rose Bud" car for them so they can go on a road trip :D I used Mickey Clubhouse Car so it's in scale but also it's...[See More]
Custom Hera Syndula A-wing (Star Wars)
by ZeonRemnants
Hera's A-wing, Epoxy putty, rotary tool saw bits, paint, shoe polish for weathering, and silver rub n buff. My main goal was to de nerf the vehicle as hasbro decided to add nerf blasters to...[See More]
Devils do (Original)
by helrodd
"Devils do". This one was a nice surprise originally bought the base vehicle because of the hard top But was really pleased to see the top is removable making the options for customizing and display...[See More]
Thrill killer (Original)
by helrodd
Thrill killer is a compact car turned death machine. The carpool lane in the wastelands is heck! Was lucky enough to run across this one at a flea market Been really wanting To do more 1/18 cars...[See More]
Bounty Cruiser (Misc)
by helrodd
Bounty cruiser named and inspired by Bona Fett (obvious I know) Done a lot of these three wheelers and wanted to make one extra battered and beat up but still à Force to contend with like the bounty...[See More]
Tie Advanced X-1 - scratch-built (Star Wars)
by William Kirk
This scratch-built Tie Advanced X-1 Fighter dimensions are 23 x 33 x 35 cm (cca 9´x 13,2´x 14´). It is in scale with my previous Tie Fighter. It took me more than four months to finish this...[See More]
Batmovile TAS (Batman Animated)
by Dr. House
Hello Realms Today I want to show you my custom of the Batmovile TAS I mande a repaint, and change the kind of open the cabin sliding I hope you like and thanks...[See More]
Desert Runner (Mad Max)
by Mr-X
This guy originally started life as a Humvee from that wonderful 1990's Godzilla movie. A pretty cool vehicle, actually, but I decided to take it a little further and revisit my apocalypse style/Mad...[See More]
APC Armored Personnel Carrier / for NECA figures (Aliens)
by Herbert
The M577 Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) is a troop transport used by the Colonial Marine Corps in the Aliens movie. Designed as a multi-role vehicle within a lightly-equipped rapid-reaction force,...[See More]
Tactical Operations Centre (TOC) / APC Interior (Aliens)
by Herbert
The Tactical Operations Centre (TOC) is a command post used by CM field commanders to communicate and observe the status of the Marines that are deployed in the field. The command post features a...[See More]
Punisher Motorcycle (Marvel Legends)
by Rob Dastardly
I took an extra Hellcycle I had lying around and gave it a full repaint. I modified the skull a bit and removed the flame effects. Had to do a bit of resculpting as well....[See More]
Zombie Hunter (Resident Evil)
by Toy Cracker
Because I love to pimp also the rides I decided to create some fully armed apocalyptic monster truck, a proper zombie chopper which will match the 6inch scale figures. The guns installation was the...[See More]
Punisher War Van (Marvel Legends)
by Rob Dastardly
This is my second attempt on this recipe. Satin black with chrome highlights, simulated rust textures and colors throughout, put in a weathered windshield, leather seating, diamond plate flooring,...[See More]
Castle pimp caddy (Punisher)
by Toy Cracker
Just a paint job of some doll candy pink caddy to make it looks like a rusty rat pimp car, great for my street fighter punisher figure. In the trunk some useful tools for thug profession :)...[See More]
Gotham Tv Series Police Car (DC Universe)
by El_Post_Geek_De_BRAHAM
Hello friends. This is my first custom on this page, I bring you this time a creation for Dc comics figures, based on the TV series "GOTHAM" I created the representation of the classic police car of...[See More]
Post-Apocalyptic TMNT Shellraiser (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
by Sieg84
This my first completed custom/repaint .The TMNT Shellraiser from Playmates Toys. Spray painted the whole vehicle with flat black and added some details using Testors acrylic paints. Hope you like...[See More]
3.75" Tie Silencer EASY LED LIGHT INSTALLATION! (Star Wars)
by 1kobocop
This is something different. I didn't feel like taking on a challenging job today. This is a basic installation of red LED lights with a manual switch and batteries into Kylo Ren's Tie Silencer. I...[See More]
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