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BucketHead(Figurine) No.4 (Musicians)
by Yokai-John
Here's one of my many comissions from back in December,its my 4th Free-standing Buckethead Figurine.This was the first time I sculpted him wearing his Chicago Bulls Jordan Jersey. Making of details:...[See More]
Les Claypool No.3 (Shake Hands With Beef) (Musicians)
by Yokai-John
Here's one of my recent comissions from the past couple of weeks,its my 3rd Les Claypool freestanding figurine.This time he's based on his appearance in the Video for Shake Hands With Beef and he's...[See More]
Beersmurf Dad (Smurfs)
by Dikketoys
Took a Beersmurf and sculpted on it it resamble my dad! He is a homebrewer and has a habit of leaving these guys at parties so it was time I made him this one 😁 Used greenstuff and painted it with...[See More]
Director Orson Krennic (Star Wars)
by William Kirk
The base figure for the Director Krennic Keychain is the Euro 2016 mascot keychain. After seeing the caped man, it was obvious for me: he would be a great director Krennic from Rogue One. Almost...[See More]
Jim Ignatowski (Funko Pop!)
by uncle boris
Started out by trimming back the hair on the base figure and re-positioning the hands. Then re-sculpted the hair and repainted the figure to match. The "I Love E.T." pin was built and painted from...[See More]
Gogeta (from dragon Ball Super) (Funko Pop!)
by hunterknightcustoms
Straight from Dragon Ball Super comes Gogeta! He was a commission for a customer and was made using a Funko Pop Dragon Ball Resurrection F Super Saiyan God Goku figure with fully resculpted hair and...[See More]
Korg repaint (Ragnarok Funko Pop) (Funko Pop!)
by hunterknightcustoms
This was a quick personal project I made exactly one year ago. I gave the regular Funko Pop Korg from Thor Ragnarok a series of Citadel washes and Drybrushes to make him look more screen accurate...[See More]
Embryonic Xenomorph egg (Aliens)
by MantisAbbey
A quick customized alien egg, based on it’s appearance in every alien film. That is, having an embryonic sack enveloping the facehugger, prior to it leaping onto the face of a victim. The egg...[See More]
Miles Tails Prower 1.5” Action Figure (Sonic)
This is the SATAM version of Tails Prower. He is sculpted into a 1.5” height to fit with my 2” Freedom Fighter line. Tails has custom sculpted head, body, and legs. I used two tails and arms from...[See More]
Shadow the Hedgehog amiibo (Super Smash Bros.)
by HyperShadow92
I’m happy to say my custom Shadow the Hedgehog amiibo for Smash Bros is finally done! I’m happy to see how well the final version of my custom amiibo turned out, the parts used in my final update was...[See More]
Solaire of Astora (Dark Souls)
by CyrylXI
I've painted and sculpted new details on one of cheap knight figures that I bought. Last photo is original knight from this set....[See More]
Goku vs Jiren (Dragonball Z)
by Custom_figure_shelf
Wanted to recreate the scene where Goku punches Jiren so I used the flight stands from wcf to make the effect....[See More]
white walker (Game of Thrones)
by Toy Cracker
hello. I just put some paint job on the pop white walker figure. Additional sculpt job was only made on eyelids. Cheers...[See More]
Gontaper (Independent Games)
by ninjinister
Gontaper is one of the characters in the indie game "Guppy's Quest". He also appeared in the crossover platform fighting game "Indie Game Battle". This figurine was made entirely out of Greenstuff...[See More]
Desperado - El Mariachi (Custom Funko POP) (Funko Pop!)
by Warrior Custom Figures
I grinded away the details of the 9th Doctor's jacket and resculptured it with milliput. I added the Mad Hatter arms, and sculpted the belt, the shoes and chains around the legs. I made the guitar...[See More]
Funko Pop Nightcrawler (X-men arcade game) (Funko Pop!)
by hunterknightcustoms
Hello guys, my next Funko Pop Custom is NightCrawler! Kurt Wagner was a commission for a customer. He was made out of a Buffy the Vampire Slayer Oz with sculpted body and flexible tail. while...[See More]
Chill Penguin (Mega Man X) (Megaman)
by Cuddlejoy
It's been ages since I went and made a figure, let alone something from scratch! I've decided to get back into making figurines with air dry clay, and I've begun with one of my favourite mavericks...[See More]
Ant-Man and The Wasp (Mini version) (Marvel Legends)
by marcortp
Bought an Ant-Man and the Wasp figurine set at a disney store and cut the mini figure out from the base stand it was glued to. Slit a tiny hole between it's legs and then I sticked in bendy wire. So...[See More]
Wind Waker Zelda (Nintendo)
by Toydude251
Hey Everyone! Wanted to show you all this Wind Waker Zelda I finished recently for a commission. Base was a wire armature with tinfoil for substance. Clay was then applied to make the basic shapes....[See More]
Breath of the Wild Link (Legend of Zelda) (Funko Pop!)
by hunterknightcustoms
Next in my Funko Pop! projects is Link in his Breath of the Wild version! Requested by many, this figure was made with the utmost attention to detail, using a mixture of flexible apoxies for the hair...[See More]
Dredd (Judge Dredd)
by Dudemaker
The base is a wireframe skeleton padded out with foam. The outfit is handstitched from real leather. Armor & other accessories made from plate metal & modelling clay. The helmet is not removable....[See More]
Gordon Freeman from Half Life (Funko Pop!)
by Warrior Custom Figures
I removed the head of a DIY Funko POP, and then sculpted on the entire armour suit that Gordon wears in the games. I drilled a hole in the POP's hand and added a crow bar, which I made out of epoxy...[See More]
Funko Pop! Jubilee (Jim Lee style) (Funko Pop!)
by hunterknightcustoms
Next in my Custom Funko Pop! figures is everyone's favorite 90's mutant JUBILEE! She was made as a commission for a private customer, featuring flexible spiky hair, goggles, and comic book accurate...[See More]
Riot (Marvel Universe)
by Dravenheart
The second of three planned repaints for that Venom metal mini. This was a suggestion I was surprised I didn't think of. And came out well timed with the new Venom trailer apparently shown at...[See More]
Classic Venom (Marvel Universe)
by Dravenheart
I've been really wanting to do more mini repaints. I'm not entirely sure why. I think it's the fact that they're something different. Because they still take a decent bit of time to get right. Like...[See More]
Jango Fett [Repaint] (Star Wars)
by Bobocustoms
Just a little simple repaint that I did about a month back. I decided to use a Pepsi Cap Jango fett as the base to make a mini bust. Nothing special other than base coating the cap with Citadel Chaos...[See More]
Jackie Wallace (Batman Beyond)
by TyrannysToys
This is my second iteration of Jackie Wallace from Batman Beyond. After starring in the "Earth Mover" episode, Jackie appears in the background of the "Golem" and "Egg Baby" episodes wearing a...[See More]
Sable amiibo (Nintendo)
by Toydude251
Hey everyone! just wanted to show off my custom sable amiibo from animal crossing. since they only did more essential characters for amiibo, I thought I could make some more of the cast starting with...[See More]
Okami Ookami (Shinto Gods)
by Yokai-John
And here's another one of my recent comissions from this month of June,its my 1st ever Okami Ookami sculpture (this is another Shinto Deity which was commisioned along with Sarutahiko Ookami). Making...[See More]
Sarutahiko Ookami (Shinto Gods)
by Yokai-John
Here's another one of my recent comissions from this month of June,its my 1st ever Sarutahiko Ookami sculpture (this Shinto God is sometimes said to be the ancestor of the type of Youkai known as...[See More]
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