Batman - Dark Knight Returns Customs
Nightwing (Batman - Dark Knight Returns)
by Redmist
I always liked Nightwing in his 1st Disco/Elvis inspired get-up! The dark and baby blues are nifty IMO. So 4 my 1st entry in 2019: I present him to 2 my people over at the fantastic FigureRealm! I...[See More]
Batman armored custom figure (Batman - Dark Knight Returns)
by Alledow
Change the look of the Frank Knight's Dark Knight to Armored, with a few different modifications and coloring....[See More]
BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS (Batman - Dark Knight Returns)
by mediyancaesar
My custom project inspired from the comic book version of Batman Dark Knight Returns. Made from Marvel Legends characters, add a few details with epoxy putty then paint it with acrylic paints....[See More]
Joker (The Dark Knight Returns) (Batman - Dark Knight Returns)
by IC Customs International
Just the spare parts left from my Cottonmouth custom, combined into a new Joker head sculpt Upper Head: DC Multiverse Joker The Dark Knight Returns Lower Head: ML Cottonmouth retooled Sculpted...[See More]
Tdkr Batman and Robin (Batman - Dark Knight Returns)
by Nuffsaid
Hey guys Here’s just some upgrades to the armour Batman and Carrie Kelly Robin from the dc multiverse Doomsday series. Batman got a repaint and a wired cape as well as a old man Bruce head cast that...[See More]
Joker (Heath Ledger) (Batman - Dark Knight Returns)
by p4triot
Resculpt the ML iceman body part using an epoclay and resculpt the red angel head too. Primer it using a spray can and then paint it using an acrylic paint. Made the chair and the table using pvc...[See More]
dark knight returns bruce wayne (Batman - Dark Knight Returns)
by tonystark
upper body from mutant from dark knight returns, lower body from same line batman, and the head is from the walgreens exclusive flash figure, and fingernails cleaned...all articulation retained...[See More]
Batman armored TDNR (Batman - Dark Knight Returns)
by Dr. House
Hello Realms!!! I got another re-paint custom!!! I like so much the figure, because is very close to the character, but mattel (I don't know why) decided put the colors in blue!!! So, I put new...[See More]
Mutant Gang Member (Batman - Dark Knight Returns)
by KingKoopa12k
The Mutants are a dangerous Gotham City street gang who become enemies to Batman. Their brutal master is the Mutant Leader, a deformed sadistic creature with incredible strength. His agenda is to...[See More]
comic shaded batman (Batman - Dark Knight Returns)
by Mutation92
just a repaint of the 30th anniversary dark knight returns batman figure. there were a lot of them around lately and I needed something to work on....[See More]
Dark Knight Returns Diorama - 4 Inch Scale (Batman - Dark Knight Returns)
by STJuggernaut
Here is my Dark Knight Returns 4 Inch scale diorama / custom figures. I made these a few years ago mainly, and have only just recently finished them up. Plenty of more pics on my facebook page...[See More]
Batmobile/ Bat Tank V.2 (Batman - Dark Knight Returns)
by psychokillah1777
This is my 2nd Batmobile from Return of the Dark Knight. Little bit bigger from the previous one. I painted darker and more detail on this one. Long: 17" Wide: 24" Height: 10"...[See More]
Dark Knight Returns' Batmobile/ Bat Tank (Batman - Dark Knight Returns)
by psychokillah1777
Hard board PVC Board Plaplate Putties Etc. This custom Batmobile is huge, it stand 11' tall and 23' long. This is the largest Batmobile ever, easily straddling a three lane highway. Batman...[See More]
Dark Knight Returns Armored Batman (Batman - Dark Knight Returns)
by OCP001
Not a lot done to this mod. Decided I wanted a closed-mouth Batman opposed to the grit-teeth face that the figure came with. I just spliced the un-armored Batman face to the armored Batman. The...[See More]
Batman Dark Knight Returns Armor (Batman - Dark Knight Returns)
by whoami
Hello fellow customisers, this time I used what I have learned to bring you my latest custom..."Old man Bruce Wayne " based on the great Saga "The Dark Knight Returns". This guy was build using a WWF...[See More]
batman the dark knight returns (Batman - Dark Knight Returns)
by caballo
Demolition man repainted matte grey. Arkham origins Robin cape and Jim Lee Batman head. Cape was painted black from the originalg teen Robin cape...[See More]
The Dark Knight (Batman - Dark Knight Returns)
Hey Realmers, so today I present to you my Version II of The Dark Knight. He's the same kitbash recipe as my first version. This version is a bit bulkier and a a lot better detailed than my first...[See More]
TDKR Bruno (Batman - Dark Knight Returns)
by Nuffsaid
Hey Guys From the Dark Knight Returns I bring you Bruno. This custom was made from an Ml Thundra base with a Bridgette Neilson rocky 4 head then give her a head to toe paint job Cheers for now...[See More]
Batman V Superman in classic colors (Dawn of Justice concept series) (Batman - Dark Knight Returns)
by hunterknightcustoms
"It's time you learn what it means to be a man..." And here we go with the Batman V Superman concept figures! This version of Batman was inspired in the "A call to arms" Statue by Sideshow where he...[See More]
The Joker - Dark knight returns style (Batman - Dark Knight Returns)
by Darththomas
Made for a secret Santa holiday swap over on facebook, was good to get back in the saddle after so long but moving house, creating a new workshop and of course the kids have well and truly swallowed...[See More]
Dark Knight Returns Gotham Tower (Batman - Dark Knight Returns)
by amos brearly
fell in love with the new mezco 1:12 Batman figures and wanted to showcase them on a gargoyle ledge. Taking some inspiration from the miller graphic novel DKR and mezco's own display at toy fair...i...[See More]
Batman -Frank Miller's (Dark Knight Returns) (Batman - Dark Knight Returns)
Hey Realmers, so here we have Batman in his Frank Miller Dark Knight Returns version. This guy was alot of fun to make, alot of sanding and some sculpting went into this figure. I have always...[See More]
Batman Deformed Fat Dwarf (Batman - Dark Knight Returns)
by parycien
Big show body very moded with epoxy, 1/6 (maybe power team) head, custom made cloth mask cape... I wanted to make a fat batman, as seen on DKR, and the color choice its weird but... I LIKE IT....[See More]
Funko Dkr Batman (Batman - Dark Knight Returns)
by spideycustoms
Hey guys! This is a custom frank miller the dark knight returns inspired batman! He was sculpted using aves apoxie sculpt and painted with testors arylics. He was based on the drawings of frank...[See More]
The Joker (Batman - Dark Knight Returns)
by Arsantoys
Take the Rex from gi joe and extra sculpted modification head...[See More]
Batman (Batman - Dark Knight Returns)
by craftgeek
This was my first ever Diorama piece inspired by my sons Batman Figure. The structure is made from foam board. I took all the paper off....uuugh nightmare!! Then used a ball point pen for the brick...[See More]
The Dark Knight Returns Batman (Batman - Dark Knight Returns)
by turdferguson
Nothing special here. While I absolutely love Batman, I thought that the scan they used for his Mattel release was a little on the Dick Sprang side. No offense to Mr.Sprang's art, I figured a Frank...[See More]
Hitman (Batman - Dark Knight Returns)
Another simple Custom. This time it's Hitman, I had an extra prof.X head saw the clown thug & was like , one Hitman coming up. Love how he turned out.. what you think ?...[See More]
The Dark Knight Alley W/Lights! (Batman - Dark Knight Returns)
by Norrin_R
I made this a few years back, but with the set being re-released I thought I would post. I bought and extra Carrie Kelley Robin so I could have 2 Streetlamps. I split the Lamps down the seams so I...[See More]
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