Figure Realm Customs
Hobbes (Figure Realm)
by panchopantera
Ok so maybe not an action figure, but definitely a custom! Used a pattern I found on Instructables from Seamster. I used felt sheets instead of fleece for this trial run. I plan on making more of...[See More]
Pirate Sword (Figure Realm)
by arido rin
Hi guys I'm back again with another sword it's a pirate sword I have used epoxy for hilt. I hope you all like it...[See More]
Axe (Figure Realm)
by arido rin
It's an axe and I love to make it I have used wood for handle and I already had the blade ,I have just repainted it ( I suck at paint job)...[See More]
SHF Donald Trump! (Figure Realm)
My SH Figuarts version of Donald Trump. Think I am first in this custom hehe. Retains most articulation point. Sculpting was more tedious than I thought. (This has nothing to do with whether or not I...[See More]
Big man plans custom action figure (Figure Realm)
by medicom collector
I made the guy from big man plans for a friend that loves the comic book and he begged me to make one for him since I do customs. So here he is its not my best custom but I like how it turned out. I...[See More]
Spiral (X-men) Bust (Figure Realm)
by unicornpegasus
I had a broken Shion bust from Kototbukiya (designed by Shunya Yamashita) and instead of throwing it out, I decided to make it into Spiral from the X-men. I used dime store doll ("Barbie") arms and...[See More]
captain coder (Figure Realm)
by Ninja TurtleCustoms
The great captain coder he's got no time to set sail for he has to run figure realm yo ho matey I did this one quite a while ago just never posted it found it in my fodder tub and thought it would be...[See More]
Jesus Christ (Figure Realm)
by Racoon21
Well. Here is the complete sculpture. It is a least around 24 inches. Me and my dad had to cut down a skinny pine tree to make the cross. Well hope you like it bye and god. Bless you all. Oh yeah one...[See More]
Mr. God Figure Realm (Figure Realm)
by Netero Godmode
Hello Everyone! As a celebration to my 40th custom on this wonderful site, Today I give you The most Powerful Being Himself, Mr. Figure Realm! I made him as a thank you for making this site for us...[See More]
Jesus Christ (Figure Realm)
by Racoon21
This is just going to be a behind the sences sculpting. Me and my Dad are sulpting this so we can move on to making the human sized one. I will show you the finished stature in soon. Well hope you...[See More]
Captain Figure Realm (Figure Realm)
by daredevil96's Sidekick Studio
I can't believe nobody has done this since Dr Nightmare's Realm Chick. I thought I'd do this since its been 3 years since I started customizing and its a way of saying thanks to the site for the...[See More]
Pogo the Scary Evil Clown (Figure Realm)
by Racoon21
Hi i am back with another custom. Today it is pogo son of stiches. I had to cut the mouth and hair off. Washed him with gray black brown and muddy gray. Painted the boots dots tip of staff and blood...[See More]
Park Avenue (Figure Realm)
by Superbats20
To make park avenue I used the 50's angel figure body, and sculpted the rest. The head has a magnet and there's a screw in the neck . It has good articulation beside the shoulders. If you've never...[See More]
Artorius of the Abyss Dark Souls (Figure Realm)
by ACCustomFigures
Another video game character for someone very patient. Artorius of the Abyss from Dark Souls has been a tough one to “figure” out (get it?). I just didn’t know how to approach this figure and give...[See More]
Jason Brody, Far Cry 3 (Updated) (Figure Realm)
Same recipe as before just with sculpted hair a sculpted camera and sculpted bow made from a thin piece of wire and elastic...[See More]
Jason Brody Far Cry 3 (Figure Realm)
Ordered a gale Hawthorne from hunger games, and had a spare Sam fisher laying around so used sams legs to add articulation and cut off his feet and added gales painted it up and painted tattoos on...[See More]
Aphrodite IX (Figure Realm)
by Johnnyfragger
Hello All, For Aphrodite I used Witchblade hair, Psylocke face and lower body, white queen upper body, and X2 boots. sculpted boots parts, and a little around the wrists and thighs, and her undies....[See More]
Garen (Figure Realm)
This was my first commissioned job. It was for a wedding cake topper, for two people who love league of legends. All sculpted except the head and hands...[See More]
Darkfire (Figure Realm)
by CapSoldier
This Anti-Hero is my own creation from years back. Super Strong,Nearly Idestructable, & taps into a Dark Quaqmire dimesion for his acidic energy bolts & flight powers. His favorite attack is to run...[See More]
Kunfu (Figure Realm)
by orguyomoreliano
Well this is my first costom accion figure and its a mexican reseler y used a goubert for the base figuere and dit some basic recontroction on the face to make the mask and repeinting on the body...[See More]
Kabuki - Assassin (Figure Realm)
by cuztomiza
Just don't know where this chick appeared but I like her and I Customized one..She looks mean but cute!...[See More]
Kaliman - "El Hombre Increible" (Figure Realm)
by churichuro
Kaliman "El Hombre Increible", he is another character of the Mexican Comic, in their incredible adventures had combatted to the Dr. Doom, the thing and until to the terrible Galactus, without...[See More]
The Nameless Wanderer (Figure Realm)
by Kern
And there was war in heaven... After God had created the Heavens and the Earth, he made made the creatures upon it's face, and then Mankind. And he saw that it was good. God then turned to the...[See More]
Realm Chick (Figure Realm)
by Henchmen4Hire
Woman, Thunder-Goddess, Empress of the Figure Realm, lover of all things blue, Realm Chick has no peers. Hyper-agility, electrical manipulation, flight, and the uncanny ability to never lose her...[See More]
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