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Longclaw (Game of Thrones)
by Wedge
Longclaw...this is my first time making a sword. Not easy, not easy at all sculp the tiny wolf head...but I'll tryng again!...[See More]
Optimus Prime smoke stack add-ons (Transformers)
by Russdawg1974
After clipping off the wings from the Beast Hunters Voyager Class Optimus Prime and sanded down the 4mm peg and super glued a peg and Preston, new add-on for the Classics Voyager Class Optimus Prime....[See More]
Supergirl (CW) (Funko Pop!)
by Warrior Custom Figures
I sculpted additional details to the skirt and cape. Repainted the body, the hair, eyebrows, and the symbol on her chest. This figure has a video about it on the Warrior Custom Figures YouTube...[See More]
Pulse Rifle (Aliens)
by kitbashvoodooskull
Cardboard and a bb gun still fully working and packs a punch I'm going to upload a nerf version shortly, any feedback is welcome...[See More]
Elphaba from Wicked Custom Funko Pop (Funko Pop!)
by Warrior Custom Figures
Using an Elsa from Frozen Funko POP, I repainted the face green and the dress and hair black. I made the broom stick with a toothpick and milliput and painted it different shades of brown for the...[See More]
Ghost (Nintendo) (Nintendo)
by predator mark
Made with table tennis ball and epoxy. Hand painted with vinyl. Figure of the game super mario 16 bit, nintendo....[See More]
Cyborg Superman (DC Universe)
by panji88
hi whats up guys, this time my client ask me to change superman pvc 12 inch scale crazy toys .., become cyborg superman, yes sculpt almost 60% by turning it into half robot, and change the paint into...[See More]
Demo-god "Dart" Stranger Things Season 2 (Stranger Things)
by Vern
I took the Nexu figure from the Clone Wars, and molded the head for the Demo-Dog. Then I did a paint using Testors Acrylics. This figure makes growling sound already and works well with the...[See More]
Z6 Rotary Cannon (Star Wars)
by sneauxborder
Repainted from 3.75" arf trooper. Scales perfectly with the 6" line. A little something for everyone to enjoy :) Z6 Rotary cannon...[See More]
Spottedleaf (Misc)
by Serval Pøwer
I have made Spottedleaf, one of the medicine cats of ThunderClan, from the Warrior Cats book series. She was made out of an old Littlest Pet Shop monkey I had. I cut off it's ears, tail, and limbs. I...[See More]
rock'em sock'em custom pez set (Robots)
by tonystark
reworked knock off bots from local dollar tree, cut down and drilled to fit and still function, custom packages designed and sealed...[See More]
8bit wolverine (Marvel Universe)
by SlimRichardson
8bit wolverine was created using Hama beads! Nothing complex about the build but even in 8bit wolverine looks menacing...[See More]
8bit Deadpool (Marvel Universe)
by SlimRichardson
8bit deadpool was created using Hama beads! Put together on a board then ironed over to stick him all together! Nothing complex here but overall I like the look...[See More]
Faker Head (Battle Damaged) (Masters of the Universe)
by hunterknightcustoms
Yay! Another custom MOTUC head. This time is Faker in his normal skin color using a cast of the vintage He-Man head, and Terminator figure from Neca carefully scaled and matched so it looks...[See More]
Ego The Living Planet (Kurt Russell) (Guardians of the Galaxy)
by tonystark
Custom cast kurt russell head that came out poorly on the backside was skinned and affixed to a plastic ball then putty and worked in, finally primered and sponge painted to show land formations...[See More]
Pirate Sword (Figure Realm)
by arido rin
Hi guys I'm back again with another sword it's a pirate sword I have used epoxy for hilt. I hope you all like it...[See More]
The Bat (Creatures)
by Edgy 3
Maybe more of a Pinterest posting..... but I wanted to share with the Realm my costume ( for my 8 year old son ). A hooded jersey, reflective strips, fake fur, air hose to form wing edges, cardboard...[See More]
Porg from Star wars the last jedi (Star Wars)
by abesapiens
I made this little plush toy for my older niece as a gift since she is a very big fan of Star Wars films. Thanks for watch!...[See More]
Custom card for carl kolchak action figure (Kolchak: The Night Stalker)
by mego/man
created mego card on paint for kolchak random artwork from posters and google so if its you art work ts awesome and I didn't paint or draw it . this also gives a preview of future customs....[See More]
Power Batteries (Green Lantern)
by IC Customs International
Scratch Built from Super Sculpey (Red & Gold Batteries), Milliput (White Battery), Metal Wire, Latex, and metallic Paints)...[See More]
Axe (Figure Realm)
by arido rin
It's an axe and I love to make it I have used wood for handle and I already had the blade ,I have just repainted it ( I suck at paint job)...[See More]
Spear (Image)
by arido rin
It's a spear and it was fun to make I have used metal pen refill and my favorite ingredient wood and sitck them with epoxy I hope you like it...[See More]
Mightor HB (Mighty Mightor)
by predator mark
Used generic He-man. mask, horns, nails and epoxy cover (with a plastic batman cover to give structure firmness). painted with matte paints, except bracelets, medallion and belt (gold)....[See More]
weapons for 3.75 inches (Image)
by arido rin
Simple wood,epoxy,eraser and all daily use things etc and it was fun to make and I love this website I hope I can learn many things from you guys...[See More]
Enik and Sleestak Earrings (Fantasy)
by Yokai-John
From last month here's my first ever pair of Enik & Sleestak earrings. Making of details: I hand-sculpted from LaDoll Premix Stone Clay Air-dry Polymer Clay.I hand-painted and sealed with acrylic...[See More]
Amy Rose amiibo (Sonic)
by HyperShadow92
I figured I'd customize another amiibo, so I went with the next most used mod that was Amy from the Sonic series. After finding another figure I posed it into the same pose as the render of her and...[See More]
Suit-up Gantry ver.3 (Iron Man 2)
by Pnoyredcustom5
Hello,everyone My new custom Suit-up Gantry Based on the movie Iron man 2 - - This my third version of Suit-up gantry and I'm so happy on the result. :) - - - Thanks for looking,hope you like it....[See More]
"Son of Titan" (Funko Pop!)
by UncommonComics
Pre Coated with magnetizing material then applied gold metal powder coat mixed with low temp curing polymer. Slow Cure to set....[See More]
Ghost rider bike (Marvel)
by panji88
hi whats up guys ,, this time I make a bike for ghost rider ,, from base bootleg bike scale 1:12, yes you can see in photo before and after ,, I want to use diecast chopper scale 1:12 but my average...[See More]
Jack Skellington (Nightmare Before Christmas)
by Gamora2045
Hi Guys I know I've been MIA for a while but I finally got to customizing again.I love tim burton movies and have always wanted a Jack Skellington toy but never wanted to buy one, so I decided to...[See More]
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